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4 Reasons for Accidents and Injuries in Drilling Sites

Studies show 581,000 people in Great Britain sustain injuries at work annually. If you are interested in doing any drilling activities, then you need to think carefully. Getting the services of the best poling contractors in Scotland should be on your to-do list.

The activities you want to engage in may lead to work-related accidents and injuries. The rate of fatalities in the mining and quarrying industry is four times as high as the average rate in all other industries. Knowing what causes these issues can help you understand why putting in place safety measures are important.

Here are several causes of accidents and injuries in drilling sites:

Poor Training

How well trained are your workers? You need to think about that. Poor training and inexperience can be very detrimental to workers and their health. If they do not understand what they are doing, they are likely to make mistakes. And because they lack the expertise to know what’s right and what’s wrong, they won’t even notice that something is wrong. So, those mistakes may end up causing accidents and injuries that may even lead to death. Your company will be held responsible for that.

Poor Safety Gear

How well protected are your workers? Mining and quarrying are not regular work activities. People who work within these sectors are exposed to many things. These include toxic gases and metallic dust that affects their skin and respiratory organs.

No matter how well-trained your workers are, if they don’t have the right protective gear, they will be in trouble. The toxins they are exposed to may not cause any visible issues at first glance, but over time, their health will be compromised. And that may force them to sue your company.

Equipment Issues

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Do you have the right equipment for the jobs that need doing at the quarry? Can you make the rock faces safe? Or do you lack the ground anchors and soil nails relevant for the job?

The responsibility for ensuring they have the right equipment falls on you. You cannot afford to joke around with the lives of the people who work for you. If you don’t have the right equipment for the tasks at hand, it is better to outsource that work to experts. The same applies if your equipment is out-dated or poorly maintained.

Poor Worker Conditions

How long do your employees work each day? Do they have enough rest and sleep? Are they paid well? Do they get fed good food?

Poor work conditions can lead to low employee engagement. And that affects the quality of work that is done. If conditions are poor, your workers may do their jobs reluctantly, which may compromise the safety gear they wear and the equipment that they use. The result is worker injuries, accidents, and fatalities. And your company will be held liable.

You may be able to do most of the quarrying and mining tasks that you need to. But it never hurts to get reputable piling contractors in Scotland to safeguard your work site. The safety of workers should always come first. Think of the money you pay for outsourcing those services as a long-term investment in your employees and business brand.

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