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Amazing Things Your Dog Can Do

Dogs get a lot of love, thanks to their adorable appearance and affectionate qualities. In social media, countless funny and cute dog videos are spread daily, making more people want to raise dogs. But apart from their extreme cuteness and unique intelligence, dogs have more to offer. Like children, they can be taught manners and proper etiquette. And do you notice those guard dogs in airports? They may look like they want you to pet them, but in reality, they are professionals.
If you want to boost your fur babies’ skills, you can enroll them in a puppy training center in Utah and other states. Professional trainers use effective methods in training puppies without hurting them, so you can be sure that your cute little friends will be in good hands.

So, what’s your puppy really capable of that training can enhance? Learn about them here.

1. Sense of Smell Like No Other

Indeed, dogs have a superior sense of smell. This is because their noses function differently than ours. When dogs inhale, the airflow that enters their nose splits into two different paths. One is for olfaction and the other is for respiration. Olfaction process is when the incoming air is swept past the back of the nose and disappears down through the pharynx to the lungs. The odor-laden air is filtered within a scroll-like bony structure called turbinates.

In here, the odor molecules are sieved based on their distinct chemical properties. It would then send signals to the dog’s brain, enabling them to “recognize” or “analyze” the scent or odor. That is why there can serve as police dogs and Search and Rescue dogs. It is truly a fascinating and unique skill, something we humans can only imagine.

2.  Provide Emotional Support

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This isn’t to say that humans aren’t capable of doing so. They can play a special role in providing comfort and affection to patients who need them the most. There are actually three classifications of therapy dogs:

  • Therapeutic Visitation Animals are household therapy pets that can be taken to mentally or physically ill people who are away from home and need comfort and emotional support.
  • Animal Assisted Therapy Animals are those who work with physical and occupational therapists in rehabilitation centers to support patients through their recovery journey.
  • Facility Therapy Animals provide support usually to the elderly who are in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

A dog would undergo a certain type of training before being certified as a therapy dog. It would be a great milestone for your dog if he or she becomes one.

3. Understand Human Language

We understand our own language, obviously, but there’s something special about a dog being able to do the same. They cannot speak, but they are able to recognize and understand human language. They can even sense the emotion behind our words. Scientists found that dogs can also recognize changes in our tone, so even if we praise them but do it half-heartedly, our furbabies would know.

These amazing and unique qualities of dogs make it so worth it to train them. Improving their skills and unleashing all of their potentials would also be beneficial for them, because like humans, they also crave approval, and confidence is also important for them.

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