Are you in need of a divorce solicitor?

Finding the right divorce solicitors in Weybridge can be a difficult decision for a person to have to make. Many individuals may base their choice on a wide array of factors, such as price range, geographical location, or even recommendations from family and friends. Whatever the reason is, it is important to choose the right law firm for your unique legal case.

Do I really want a divorce solicitor?

Individuals experiencing legal disputes may be unsure whether their unique legal case warrants legal intervention. If you and your partner wish to be legally separated you may be finding it difficult to navigate the world of family law, however these days there are many law firms available to help you. Divorce law is commonly perceived as being expensive, however the cost of a divorce may be far lower than you initially assume.

How much does a divorce solicitor cost?

Divorces can be an extremely stressful time for clients both emotionally, and of course financially. Dividing the assets (such as property and cars, to name just a few examples) can be difficult, the involvement of child custody can complicate the situation further. If you are experiencing stress you may refrain from reaching out to receive legal intervention, however the legal advice and hassle-free process that solicitors can ensure is always worth the money.

How is the intervention of a divorce solicitor beneficial?

Many individuals or couples may be wondering whether they should file themselves or with the help of a specialist and highly skilled legal team, as for many couples the situation can be more complex. Many couples may agree on the way in which they wish to divide their assets and on child custody, however for many it is unfortunately not that simple! Solicitors can not only assist you at every stage of the process talking you through each legal step whilst it is being made, but they can also lift the burden that a divorce can bring.

Steering away from financial confusion

There is a common uncertainty pertaining to the field of divorce law with regards to the financial cost, however many law firms are now striving to make the entire process far more simple. Confusion is often experienced when clients discover that divorce fees cover the cost of legitimate papers and documents only, the legal wrangling on assets and childcare may cost more money for more complicated scenarios.

How long does a divorce take?

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This is a question that is often asked by clients in search of legal intervention, the truth is that every legal case is completely different! Although the time period may differ greatly (depending on the individual’s case) every divorce starts with a legal petition and ends with something commonly referred to within the field of law as a ‘decree absolute’. The decree absolute officially dissolves a couple’s marriage, however the time taken for this can also depend on the workload of the local court. With these factors in mind, the duration of a typical divorce is usually around six months.

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