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Bask in Nature at Home with a Conservatory

Houseplants provide green and a sense of zen to houses, which is why they remain popular today. When you want to take things further than a few simple plants, however, you can have a conservatory built separate or connected to your house. A conservatory can be your green paradise, where you can simply bask in nature. With that in mind, you can peruse the following garden room ideas to fill up your dedicated green space.

Before you start planting and caring for plants, you can first plan out your greenhouse. An orderly arrangement for your plants will make it easier for you to care for them and better for you to relax. Good planning will also make your conservatory look more beautiful than a bunch of plants crammed into space.

Measure both horizontal and vertical space and reserve areas for your plants. Take note of the space you’ll need for furniture for your plants and leisure, such as stands, racks, chairs, benches, and tables. Make a path through your conservatory too. Once you’ve done these, and you have a clear and concrete vision of what you want your conservatory to look like, you can begin bringing your plants in.

Go Tiny

Now, for your plants, you can start with simple succulents. With their small sizes, succulents can accentuate desks or tables you place in your conservatory. Combine such tiny plants to artwork, figurines, and other knick-knacks for added aesthetic beauty too.

Decorate with Small to Medium-Sized Plants

Moving up in size, you can care for rubber figs, peace lilies, boxwood, or myrtle. These small to medium-sized plants can be centerpieces on desks and tables, but they work similarly well on shelves. Otherwise, they give you a good volume to fill up your conservatory with green.

Hang Up for Variety

On a side-note, you can consider hanging plants to take up conservatory vertical space. Vines make beautiful eye-candy, especially when hung strategically close to windows or doors. You can also hang chains of hearts, with their cute little heart-shaped leaves, for contrast.

Bring Colors Other than Green

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As for flowering plants, you have a trove of choices. The ones that may come to mind include fuchsias, geraniums, flowering maples, and tropical hibiscus. These particular plants will give you beautiful blooms even through winter. As a plus, they thrive outdoors as well!

Plant for Kitchen Use

So far, succulents, small plants, and flowering plants may be great, but you can change things up in your conservatory by adding useful plants as well. By “useful plants”, the term refers to plants that give you ingredients you can use. You can plant hot peppers for varying degrees of spice in your cooking. You can also care for herbs such as rosemary, chives, basil, mint, parsley, and lemongrass for added flavor to your food.

Finish with Trees

Finally, you have come to the large plants for your conservatory. These human-sized or huge trees can be centerpieces in your conservatory or accents behind other plants. Choice trees include birds of paradises, dragon trees, fishtail palms, yuccas, or triangle ficus.

Of course, the plants above consist only of some of the choices you have for your conservatory. As long as you plan things out ahead of time, your conservatory will become the greenhouse of your dreams.

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