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Busting the Supermom Myth: Here’s When to Seek Help

Mothers make up a diverse breed. From the pragmatist to the comedian, there are tons of mom titles to earn. Being a “supermom” is one of them. But is it something you should aspire to be?

If you’ve been hailed as a supermom, you might want to rethink if the title is worth the juggle. Below, we’ve rounded up three tell-tale signs it’s time to break the role. Find out when to seek help and how to do it. Read on.

What’s a Supermom?

Motherhood comes with many demands: cooking, working, and financing. Generally, the demands are almost close to performing miracles. The supermom narrative binds these demands together. Specifically, it’s the state of being able to do all the roles, from professional to personal.

While the title might seem a compliment, it could also be a burden. Since supermoms must be strong, this often leads to tougher expectations. In a national survey conducted by Pew Research Center, mothers were shown to have tackled more difficult jobs during the pandemic. They must juggle work and childcare responsibilities together.

If you’re a supermom yourself, burnout shouldn’t be part of your routine. Know when to seek help by checking out our list.

When SuperMoms Need Help

You’re Drifting from Your Friends

When was the last time you went out with your friends? While it’s normal to lose connection with some old pals, lack of active friendship isn’t. Since humans are social beings, they’ll need others to survive. This is especially true if you’re a mother.

Often, parenting could be an alienating task. Work and chores could make you feel estranged. Having friends combats this feeling of alienation. Their presence brings a feeling of belongingness. Sure, while being with family is calming, friends offer the chance to feel young again.

If you’re too busy to talk with friends, it might be time to take off the supermom cape for a while. There are ways to seek help. The first person you can approach is your partner. Tell them what’s on your mind. Then, plan ahead. Depending on your setup, you can suggest switching schedules from time to time. You can have Sunday mornings with friends, while he has Friday nights with his pals. This way, you can both have time to refresh and socialize.

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You’re Losing Weight without Trying

Are your clothes becoming baggy? Losing weight is good if it’s done on purpose. But if you’re losing pounds without trying, you might need to check your lifestyle.

Generally, there are many reasons for unexplained weight loss. Stress might be one of them. When you’re in a stressful situation, the body releases adrenaline as a response. When this happens, the heart starts beating faster, speeding up your metabolism.

To overcome stress, it’s important to accept your weaknesses. Start a journal, and be honest. This will help you find out your triggers. Once you do, it’ll be easier to know which to let go of.

If possible, try to break down your tasks into simpler ones. This will give you more time to breathe. Tell your partner if you need to take a break. Don’t hesitate to get a babysitter if you need to. You may even hire a caretaker if you have elderly loved ones to assist at home. It may be a difficult discussion, but if the responsibilities are becoming too overwhelming, sit down and talk to your loved one about them entering a senior health care facility to help meet their needs better.

There are tons of ways to lessen the burden. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. It’s okay to be rescued sometimes.

You have frequent colds or other illness

Struggling with frequent colds? Stressing over your backaches? It’s normal to experience the occasional flu and aches. But if they keep returning, there might be a larger problem.

Generally, there are many reasons why these symptoms emerge. As a supermom, you might be overexerting yourself. Your body can’t keep up and is sending off signals.

Changing your lifestyle is the first step to overcome this. Try to maintain a healthy diet. Don’t skip meals as much as possible. When there are unfinished tasks, save them for tomorrow morning. Don’t try to solve all problems overnight. You can also divide the chores among your family.

Frequent colds and aches may also be signs of emerging mental health issues, such as depression. If you’re feeling overwhelmed almost every day or starting to lose interest in activities, you might need to consult a psychologist. They will help you manage your emotions.

Is motherhood starting to take a toll on your health? Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. While moms are great, they’re humans too. Take off the mask. Drop the cape. It’s time to embrace the real mom behind the costume.

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