Choosing the right probate team: a guide for families

Have you recently lost a loved one? And found out that you are now legally in charge of managing the estate they left behind?

This can be a tough challenge. Even for people who have a good legal mind. However, it is worth noting that in some cases, managing someone’s estate will not require legal intervention from a solicitor. But, if the will is lost, complicated, or if there are family disputes, then it is worth seeking legal advice, if only to avoid mistakes being made.

But how do you choose the right team for you? Aren’t they all the same? And how do you ensure that you and your family get the support you need at this tough time? It is important to know what to look for when searching for probate solicitors Portsmouth. Read on to find out!


When it comes to choosing any kind of solicitor, the first step in the process is to find one that has a good reputation. This could be a firm or an individual solicitor working independently.

You can seek more advice about the reputation of a legal team through friends, family or online reviews. Try to avoid using reviews published on a legal firm’s webpage, as these are likely to be biased in their favour.


When it comes to dealing with legal teams, the fees are going to be the main factor in choosing suitable representatives. In short, will you be able to afford them? It is also worth enquiring as to the kinds of fees that they charge; are they hourly or are they in a bundle type package? This can be more commonplace for smaller firms. When meeting with a solicitor for probate, you should ask them clearly to state their fees. If they are unwilling to do so, then it is worth moving on to your second choice.



It sounds obvious, but you will need to check the experience of the team you are hiring. If you are in charge of managing an estate worth over £5000, or with complicated property disputes, ask them if they have handled a case like yours before and what the outcome was.

If they are vague or avoid the questions, then once again, it is worth moving to the next solicitor firm in the line-up.


A worthwhile legal firm will always believe in investing in its team. And so, you will need to be assured that the legal representative you are meeting with is not only trained in probate, but is aware of the current legal literature and practice of probate.

Always be sure to ask for documentation concerning the solicitor’s qualifications and any additional training that they have undertaken.


If you are managing probate, then it is likely that you have lost a family member in recent times. And so, you will need to seek out a team who is sensitive during this emotionally raw period. But you will also need a team that is objective and can get the job done on your behalf.

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