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Coronavirus Quarantine: How to Keep Yourself Occupied at Home

With all the brouhaha that this novel coronavirus has brought, most Americans now find themselves stuck at home with nothing better to do. You can always get started with your spring cleaning. Why wait when you can do it now, right?

7 Things to Do Around the House During This Quarantine Period

1. Clean every inch of the house.

Since it’s already spring, you might as well get started on your spring cleaning at home. You now have plenty of uninterrupted time to get some cleaning done. If you have other people living with you, you can assign specific tasks or areas individually or by twos. Delegating tasks will make the job easier and quicker.

2. Disinfect surfaces especially in areas where there is more foot traffic.

The World Health Organization recommends cleanliness and sanitization to help keep the coronavirus at bay. This is why the washing of hands is highly encouraged. However, it is not just on people’s hands that the virus sticks to. They also stick to surfaces and survive for up to three days, depending on the surface.

For this reason, disinfecting surfaces at home is a must. If you do not have enough cleaning agents available to disinfect the different areas of your home, prioritize those places where there is heavy foot traffic.

3. Get rid of pests.

Pests such as vermin and roaches are known to be carriers of germs and bacteria. Most sicknesses and diseases are passed through these germs and bacteria.

While there is still no certainty whether COVID-19 can be transmitted from animals to humans, getting rid of pests should still be one of your priorities. You may choose to call in the services of a professional who does pest control in Salt Lake City or DIY it if you have the supplies and know-how.

4. Declutter.

declutteringNow is also a good time to get rid of all the clutter you have at home. Start sorting through all of your stuff one room at a time. Categorize your stuff and sort them out in piles (keepers, put away, give away/sell, throw out). One good thing about decluttering is it helps you downsize and streamline your belongings which makes it easier to organize stuff.

5. Clean out your attic, storage, and garage.

Usually, when we put away stuff, we automatically put them in the attic, storage, or garage. These areas are some of the most rarely cleaned places in a home.

Before you start putting away all your winter clothes and decors, it would be a great idea if you take an inventory of the things stored in the said areas. Declutter first before giving these spots a good cleaning.

6. Replace lighting fixtures that need changing.

Inspect all lighting fixtures and see if there are busted bulbs that need replacing. It doesn’t take too much time to replace a light bulb so it’s not quite a chore compared to cleaning and disinfecting the entire house.

While you’re at it, you might also want to have a look at your faucets and showerheads to see if they are working perfectly. If you notice any leaks, you can either DIY it if you know how or call in a plumber to have it fixed.

7. Inspect furniture and appliances and fix those that need to be fixed.

Go around the house and see which furniture or appliances need fixing. Like in all the other cases, if you have the skills and the tools to fix them, go for it. If you don’t, perhaps you can call in someone you know who knows how to do it and pay for their services. This way, you get stuff fixed while still supporting local businesses.

Now you can never say you don’t have time to get some stuff done at home. Start getting to it and keep a weekly routine to help maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your home.

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