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Furnish With Love: 6 Decor Ideas for Your Home Makeover

Once you have picked out your beautiful house in a lovely neighborhood and picked out a move-in date, you can begin planning how you want to decorate. A lovely home is the easiest place to decorate because it does not need much to bring out its beauty. Your job is to add that special charm that makes your new house feel like the dream home you have always wanted.

The best thing about decorating according to your style is that it does not need to be expensive. If you happen to acquire property in a community like Donnybrae, you’ll be provided with a set of design guidelines, helping you envision your home’s interior. You can start with a few key pieces of furniture like bedsteads and sofas and get your crafting supplies and imagination fired up for the rest.

Old Mirrors, New Trays

Transform your old mirrors into your new display trays by painting the frames and pasting felt to the back. This will be a great way to show off your valuables, and the mirrors will make your display areas look brighter and more spacious.

Attractive Containers

Take everything out of the containers and boxes they came in and start storing them in lovely glass jars. Label these jars with a beautiful handwritten or printed label, and your kitchen will look like it came out of a magazine.

You can use glass jars of different sizes to display every item that needs storage. You can use small glass jars for spices and condiments, medium-sized jars for flour, sugar, and salt, and lastly, a tall and thin glass canister for rice, beans, cereal, and the like.

Your pantry and kitchen will look so lovely and be so much easier to organize. It is certain to leave visitors thinking that you are a domestic goddess for being so organized.

Rolling Tables

This is great for moving things around quickly in the kitchen and dining space. Attach wheels to your bar table and a simple open shelving unit so you can use them as mobile stations for different needs. You can use them in the kitchen to organize the ingredients you need for meals and use their top as extra space for food preparation and chopping.

They can be used as no-spill serving trays for the dining room, give you extra space to display appetizers freeing up the table for the main meal, and even serve as a mobile bar so everyone can give themselves refills without fuss.

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Ready-made Molding

This may sound funny as an idea, but you can actually buy ready-made crown molding and cornices that are very light because they are not made of stone or cement. These can then be pasted onto your walls and ceiling to give your home an elegant feel. Paint the crown molding, cornices, and baseboards white so that they serve as framing for your rooms.

You will be surprised by how much elegance this can add to your house. Plus, because they are high up on the walls, no one needs to know that they are silicone and not built-in. You get grace and aesthetic beauty for a fraction of the cost.

Glass as Decoration

Put LED lights in glass jars and place them at different points along with your house’s shelving and corner tables. This will give a warm glow to your home so that you do not need to use the main lights that often.

The glass jars can be all clear, or you can use different-colored jars to vary the romantic lighting effect in the rooms. It is simple and cheap, but the ethereal and fairyland feel it gives to your house is priceless.

Painted Ceiling

Everyone knows that paint has almost magical transformation properties, but most people only think of painting the walls. You can paint your ceiling, too! You can even stencil on a pattern or images that are attractive and relaxing to the eyes.

Ceilings are primarily ignored. But considering how much time we spend lying down and looking up at the ceiling, it needs just as much decoration and thought as the walls. Choose a delightful pastel shade that is relaxing to the eyes and beautifully matches your wall color. You can even go very whimsical by painting the ceiling a light blue shade and stenciling on clouds. The bedroom ceiling can be painted purple or navy blue and have stars pasted on for a delightful look that warms the heart and brings a smile to your face every night as your sleep.

Final Thoughts

Satisfaction means living the life you want, so decorate as you please. The only people you have to please are you and your family. So enjoy letting your eclectic taste loose and run rampant throughout your beautiful house.

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