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Why are some dental websites more successful than others? SEO tips!

When you own and run a dental surgery, you will undoubtedly want to attract more patients. In years gone by, this would mean you would have to print out flyers and potentially advertise in your local paper. But as the world becomes more focused on technology and the internet, the most successful ways to advertise are also online. They focus on having a good marketing and search engine optimisation or SEO strategy.

Which is why it can become complicated. After all, you are a dentist and you do not know what may be meant by unique content, keywords and Google bots. This is the reason it is always worth hiring a marketing team to makeover and assess any dental websites that you oversee. To make them more successful in attracting patients.

What are some of the key ways that this is achieved? Read on to find out!

Logical layout

It is worth noting that when you are updating your SEO strategy, your website will likely need a makeover, so that it follows a logical pattern. This is to help the Google bots identify your website and navigate it with ease. It also makes it easier for people who visit the site to find their way around. The Google bots are a key part of getting your website ranked higher on Google, thus attracting more people to it.

Unique content

Next up is the blog and the pages of the site itself. Google bots do not rate duplicated content highly and so, you will need to have a unique set of blog articles which will usually be updated once a week. These will of course be linked to the services that you can offer at your dental surgery, such as dental implants. And will also act as informative pieces for those visiting your surgery site.

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Having a responsive web page is more than simply having one load. It is about ensuring that the website presents properly on the device that it is accessed on. For instance, a smartphone will display web content differently to a laptop. In order for your marketing strategy to work, your marketing team will need to ensure that your web page is responsive to these devices, allowing them to display the page correctly.


The Google bots do not like slow websites. And neither do general website users! If your home page has not loaded in 5 seconds, as many as 97% of the visitors will click off it! So, one way to make sure that your surgery site is more successful is to have a fast loading time.

Visually appealing

And of course, your web page will need to be attractive and full of unique photographs of your surgery and the staff who work there. Your marketing team will be able to help you choose the most suitable layout for your surgery page. Which will keep site visitors interested and engaged.

This is also where you can help your marketing team and your surgery overall, as an inviting website that you can help to design will grow your brand. Thus making your surgery name and logo more recognisable.

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