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You might have been thinking about adding a new structure, such as a carport or a covered patio for your home, or you might have heard your mate with the same plan. Here in Queensland, particularly in Brisbane, carports and patio construction should have prior council approval before their installation begins. And because of this requirement, you should find the best contractor for the job. There are many contractors based in Brisbane, but only a few can handle the council requirements, design, construction, and maintenance at a reasonable price.

Council Approval Requirements

Generally, across Queensland, council approval is required for the construction of carports and covered patios. In Brisbane, the city council adheres to the Brisbane City Plan 2014, which provides the requirements for the development of a carport or any structure that is part of the “dwelling house.” Although approval is generally required, there are also limitations or exceptions to this requirement.

Carport as “Accepted Development”

The Brisbane City Council characterizes a carport or a garage to be an “accepted development” and thereby not needing any approval if the construction suffices the building code in a specific zone. These zones, which have their particular building codes, are the following:

  • Low, low-medium, and medium density residential zones;
  • Character residential zone;
  • Rural residential zone;
  • Township zone;
  • Rural zone;
  • Emerging community zone; and,
  • Environmental management zone.

Although it seems stress-free to have your structure classified as “accepted development,” council approval is generally needed for any structure measuring at least or more than 10 square meters and connected to a dwelling.

Other Possible Requirements


Apart from building approval, there are additional requirements needed before construction, such as the design or the construction plan. This plan must include the design for the stormwater. According to regulations, rainwater should be flowed down the street or should be connected to an existing stormwater system. If no structure exists, a “rubble pit,” which has a volume of at least one cubic meter and 3 meters away from any property boundary, must be constructed.

Other Important Considerations

Apart from government regulations, other essential conditions should be considered. These include weather and long-term maintenance. Queensland, particularly Brisbane, is commonly hit by severe weather conditions, be it thunderstorms, rain-induced flooding, and severely high temperatures.

These weather patterns are sure to impact your carport or any outdoor construction attached to your dwelling. The continually changing hot, dry, wet, and stormy weather conditions are expected to cause undesired changes to these structures. Due to this, you should find a contractor that is known to provide long-term maintenance and use quality Australian-made construction materials.

One helpful tip is to make contact with the QBuild unit and find eligible contractors. You should see those that have more than 18 years of experience in the construction industry and have built numerous projects for both residential and commercial clients. Ideally, you must find a contractor who will handle all the bureaucratic work and provide you a high-quality carport that will last for a very long time.

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