Five Creative Ways to Decorate Your Property Border

When you’re looking for potential landscape improvements on your property, a well-marked boundary could be one area worth looking into. Keep in mind that the job of determining and marking property boundaries is only legally done by a professional land surveyor, in Utah or elsewhere. That said, the official markers are often purely functional and lack any sort of aesthetic appeal – rebar stakes are typically used, sometimes with orange tape or spray paint.

Whether you wish for additional privacy, a visually attractive border, or a more subtle way of keeping outsiders off your property than just putting up a big “No Trespassing” sign, here are some of the options you may want to look into.


Good fencing materials range from wood and vinyl to more expensive materials like aluminum or wrought iron; generally, as price goes up, durability improves, and maintenance costs go down. Also, keep an eye on the total length needed to cover your perimeter; the expenses for large properties can quickly add up. Just make sure you stay away from the cheapest materials, such as barbed wire. A well-made fence provides an excellent frame for your property, with a level of privacy based on its height, and the ability to keep your pets inside, and wild animals or other undesired guests off the land.

Flower beds

flower beds

Planting a flower garden along property lines can be a simple, low-maintenance, and beautiful way of enhancing your boundaries. Plants such as lilies and chrysanthemums will give your borders a fresh look each season, while a variety of mulch materials can add both color and texture. Flower beds don’t offer much privacy, so this solution may be best fit for peaceful neighborhoods where you have established good long-term relationships with the people next door.


If you plant taller shrubs, trellised vines, or ornamental grasses to form a hedge, you can benefit from both increased natural beauty in your landscape and some extra privacy. Evergreens are a popular choice, especially in Utah where they will persist through the winter and give your property a consistent look. Holly is a great choice for keeping out trespassers with its dense and prickly leaves. Depending on the varieties used, hedges can grow quickly, too; zebra grass can form a barrier of six feet within two years, for instance. Just make sure you reach some kind of agreement with your neighbors on trimming the other side.


For large areas, trees may be the ideal way to decorate your boundaries. It can take a long time, but mature trees function as windbreakers, provide shade, privacy, and beauty, and increase the value of your property. Dense Thujas and Spartan junipers which can be planted in uniform rows can also fit on medium-sized properties.


Stone walls along property boundaries were a common feature in older times, and lining your borders with even a low stone wall can evoke a rustic aesthetic. Stone doesn’t require any maintenance, but unless you have an abundance of found rocks in the area and are just piling them up, watch out for the possible costs.

As long as you take care to observe the legal limits of your property, you can go about using these improvements to better define your boundaries and make the entire landscape look more beautiful at the same time.

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