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Five Design Ideas That Can Enhance Your Office Building’s Exterior

They say that first impressions last. This couldn’t be truer than what your office building’s exterior tells your potential clients. No matter how great your business is, if customers are discouraged by how your office looks from the outside, they might not even give you the time of day. The exterior design of the office building is as important as its interior. Not only can you attract more customers, but you can also work on your building’s insulation to save on energy costs.

Office buildings have higher energy consumption than industrial buildings because of the way they are designed. You should look into adding antimicrobial wall cladding to your office’s interior and exterior walls. Cladding enhances the insulation of a building, reducing the need for dependence on HVAC systems. The cladding can be installed in such a way that the building will retain the temperature inside a room.

What other ways can you enhance the building’s exterior? When designing how your building looks from the outside, think of it from the perspective of a customer. If you’re a potential client, how much impact would the building’s exterior have on you?

Illusion of Height

Your office doesn’t need to look small if you have a little bit of wiggle room in your budget. You can choose an asymmetrical roof for your building. The ceiling height can be the same inside, but the exterior roof will add length to your building. This gives an illusion of height. It makes your space bigger than it really is. It looks avant-garde, too. A slanted metal roof clad in modified wood can give your building the rustic style you’re aiming for.

Windows for Natural Light

You can wrap your buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows. This allows for natural light to come into a room, making your employees more productive and collaborative. But you have to make sure to install blinds on the windows. Your employees should have the option of closing the blinds if the light gets too much.

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Stained Windows for Better Appeal

Your building doesn’t have to be boring. You can add stained glass windows. These used to be a design element that people frown upon. Not today. It adds an element of color and life in any building. If your building design is too simple and basic, adding stained glass windows will give it a much-needed pop of color. But make sure not to overdo it. A simple stained glass with a very basic design is enough.

Employee Lounge Outside

You may have break rooms and lounges inside the building. This shouldn’t stop you from building the same space outdoors. Do you have a rooftop? Maybe you can convert this into a break room for your employees. Just throw in some comfortable chairs, a large shade structure, and a small manicured lawn. It will make your office look bigger. Your employees won’t feel stuffy and bored. The ability to spend time in the outdoors will make your employees more productive.

Free Public Space

If you have extra space in front of the building or on the side, you can convert this into a lounge area for the public. Offering seats and tables where they can mingle with their friends is a great way to entice them to check out what your business offers. This area should be open to your employees and the general public.

There are many great ideas on how you can improve your office’s exterior. It doesn’t need to be said that you will attract more customers when you have a great office. Sometimes, it’s more about the aesthetics than what you’re actually offering.

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