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For Men: Why You Should Consider Self-care Activities

For some people, self-care is just another term for pampering or self-indulgence. It is also sometimes associated with women and skincare. But self-care is more than just skin-deep. Harvard Medical’s Dr. Monique Tello has defined it as focusing and supporting one’s mental and physical health. Because of that, it’s important for men to also partake in activities for the benefit of their health.

Check out these self-care activities that men can enjoy:

Getting a New Hairstyle

Visit a hair salon for men in New York and give yourself a new look. You can have your beard styled or your mustache shaved. A study presented at the American Psychological Society’s conference found that looking good does make you feel good. Across the pond, research by the University of London shows that Black men specifically enjoy well-being benefits after a trim. So if you’re feeling burnt out from work or due to personal relationships, why not get a haircut? It can make you feel more confident and better about yourself.

Eating Healthy

You don’t have to be a vegan or go gluten-free. You can start small by having a healthier diet. Incorporating vegetables and fruits can improve your health in a way no vitamin pill can. Besides the obvious physical advantages, eating healthy has mental benefits as well. Research shows that young adults who eat more plant-based food feel more positive.

Forbes recommends adding a variety of colorful vegetables and spices to your plate. Doing so can improve your immune system and lower blood pressure.

Consider reducing your alcohol intake, especially as you age. Dr. Monika Kolodziej explains that the body’s ability to process alcohol wanes the older you get. For men aged 65 and above, it’s best to limit your consumption to a glass of wine or 12 ounces of beer per day.

Having a Spa Day

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Who says only women can enjoy the spa? Get a facial and wash away all the stress. You not only get to have your skin exfoliated by professionals, but you also get to relax and unwind. If you’re worried that it might do more harm than good to your skin, don’t worry about it. Esthetician Samuel Pacitti explains that there are minimal side effects, and the results will be evident after a week. You can also enjoy a relaxing massage and treat that knot in your back. It’s especially helpful after you’ve worked out in the gym. A study discovered that massages could make you feel better and speed up muscle recovery.

If you’re up for something out of the box, why not get a bourbon massage or a beer bath? There’s a saying that you should surround yourself with what makes you happy.

A study by the University of Missouri also shows that males don’t talk about their feelings because they think it’s pointless. This is why self-care is crucial for men. Self-care is all about balance and taking time to boost your mental health. If you don’t share your problems with others, at least do activities to relieve your stress.

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