Home Decor Ideas for Your Living Space

Your home is a safe space, a dwelling place where you can feel most comfortable. Although not quite admitted, the presentation of your home is central to the factors of satisfaction and comfort. Your home is an extension of yourself, too, where loved ones are invited to share the space with you.

What happens when the home no longer feels that way, looking worn, dated, and forlorn? And no, moving isn’t the only solution. A simple redecorating can do the trick, and this little guide will show you exactly how to do that.

Do it yourself

We understand that you’re under the impression that decorating your home can cost you an arm and a leg. The market is filled to the brim with overpriced decorative pieces. Could this be the reason you’re shying away from such a project? Why not engage in little DIY projects, though?

You can definitely create your own accent pieces. By doing so, you will be able to personalize the entire feel and aesthetics of your home without breaking the bank. With a little help from YouTube tutorials, dollar stores, and strong binding materials such as glue and Soudal silicone, your dwelling place will be in tip-top shape in no time.

Let your front door do the talking

First impressions last. So if you’re looking to make a good one, give your front door a bright, eye-catching, and polished tone. Red is a good choice, for instance, as interior experts explain that it is a lucky color in many cultures. In fact, in early American traditions, a red door represents “welcome” and signifies that the home is a welcoming place to rest for travelers.

Red doors on churches also symbolize safety from physical and spiritual harm. But if red isn’t your color, interior designers also recommend two other colors: orange and yellow. These two colors represent feelings of warmth and happiness. Scrap that old-fashioned screen door altogether or get a storm door with a full-length glass panel instead.

Keep your wall colors light and neutral

Having flow is crucial, especially on the first floor, so it’s ideal to use neutral tones such as beige or gray. Experts suggest that you should “minimize jarring transitions.” Neutral walls can be used to maximize your decorating flexibility and give you the freedom to play around with your accessories.

Painting two small adjacent rooms the same neutral color can make them feel larger. If you’re looking for a subtle change in tones from one room to another, take a paint strip and move up or down a shade or two.

Let your room receive plenty of doses of sunshine

Perhaps the reason your room feels dreary is those outdated drapes. Maximize your windows and let the sun in. Naked windows look better than windows with heavy drapes. Ideally speaking, though, window drapings are elegant and functional. If you wish to keep the aesthetic of drapes, utilize sheers with full-length panels. If your room faces the sun a lot, opt for those colors that will not fade in the heat. But ensure that the room still gets plenty of sunshine. This changes up the overall feel of any room, as natural light can make any room feel warm and inviting.

Hang mirrors

mirror home decor

This is one of the most useful tricks interior designers utilize, especially when dealing with tiny spaces. While mirrors help make the room feel brighter, they also help open it up and make it look bigger than it actually is. To maximize its full potential, place mirrors perpendicular to windows, not directly across. Their job of bouncing off light will be easier, draping the room with the right amount of light and warmth.

Give your outdated furnishings a makeover

Are those old fixtures ruining your home’s overall feel? Get that spray paint can and reinvent. A brass chandelier can be given new life by a quick coat of satin-nickel spray paint or a hammered-bronze tone. Those antique cabinets can be repainted white, giving them a perfect retro-modern look people are currently raving about. Your outdated kitchen cabinets can also be coated with layers of black, which can contrast well with steel hardware. However old fixtures may be, fresh coatings of paint can charm them up once more—say goodbye to new furniture forever!

Your home definitely deserves a little more loving care, as it bears witness to all aspects of your life. As mentioned, it is also an extension of yourself, so taking good care of it is crucial. With these budget-friendly tips, the only thing left to do now is to finally create and decorate.

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