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Tooth loss can not only alter your physical appearance but can also have a negative impact on your self-esteem. It may be that the smile appears a little less due to the cosmetic appearance, it may be that you conceal your smile due to feeling self-conscious. Although for some, missing teeth is not considered a life changing event, for others it can be a big deal. The important thing for all individuals to understand is that tooth loss can not only impact the smile but over time, when left untreated, can alter the facial definition of the person as well as negatively impacting the surrounding teeth.

So, what are dental implants?

Dental implants are small titanium screws which are inserted into the jawbone creating an artificial root. These artificial roots then create a stable pillar for the tooth replacement. In conjunction with creating the artificial root, the implant will help to stimulate the surrounding jaw bone.

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Below we uncover just some of the advantages to choosing oral implants.

When tooth loss occurs, one of the leading solutions to replenishing the smile are dental implants as they provide a stability much like the natural tooth. This in turn means that there is no need to alter the diet, or feel self-conscious about the teeth potentially falling out during a luncheon with your friends.

Another benefit of implants is that they not only blend in with the natural teeth but are easily maintained. Whilst completing the smile, taking care of the implants is no different to taking care of your regular teeth. A simple brush, floss and regular dental check-ups with your private dentist in Nottingham will help to ensure that your smile remains in place for years to come. No special or expensive cleaning agents, no leaving them out overnight on the side in a solution, just a small amount of toothpaste to keep your smile in place.

For those who have left the gaps in place for some years, their facial definition may have altered and taken on a sunken appearance. Over time, as teeth are lost and left untreated, the jaw bone can begin to recede. The small, artificial root known as the implant can help stimulate new bone growth within the jaw, ensuring that the facial definition remains intact and in turn rejuvenate your appearance.

How to get on board?

To begin with it is important to open up discussions with your dental team regarding your aims for your smile. For those who have only recently lost a tooth or multiple teeth, getting booked in promptly is the recommended course of action; however, implants can potentially be used for those who lost teeth some time ago. In either case, opening up discussions with your dental team has never been easier. Get in contact and booked in for a consultation appointment.  During this appointment, any questions about the procedure that may be lingering on your mind can be answered and your dental team can thoroughly examine the area to fully understand whether dental implants are the best procedure for you. At all times your dentist will be working with you as a team to ensure that you regain your smile in full.

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