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How To Keep Your Wife Happy

A happy wife is a key to a healthy and accomplished marriage. Husbands may think that their wives need something in particular, but the truth is, all-gender have the same needs for love, connection, validation, fulfillment, and support.

Furthermore, we have different ways of showing love and affection. At the same time, we also have our own preferences for receiving these things. However, there are easy and common ways to make your wife happy. The techniques below are proven to keep wives happy.

Communicate with Her

It’s vital to keep open communication as a couple if you want to keep your wife happy. Psychologists say that many wives find happiness in simple yet meaningful conversations with their partners.

Does this mean that you have to keep saying to your wife always? Definitely not! Communication means allowing her to voice out her concerns and listening to her by heart. Understand her message and, in the end, find a resolution together.

Pay Attention to Every Little Detail

Men and women alike appreciate it when their partners show interest or pay attention to every detail about them. Wives feel extremely special when their spouses remember “seemingly irrelevant” details like their favorite lipstick shade or the first movie they watched as a couple.

Here are some ways to show that you pay attention:

  • Make her a cup of coffee every morning.
  • Buy her favorite dessert when she feels sad.
  • Let her choose the film for movie night.
  • Acknowledge when she’s putting effort to look good.
  • Send her text messages.
  • Update her when you’re getting late for dinner.

Provide Physical Touch

It would be best if you never ignored the importance of giving physical touch. A lot of women feel more loved and secured when their spouses provide passionate touch. A study also indicates that physical contact plays a crucial role in protecting the relationship.

Recent studies suggest that a fulfilling marriage involves intimacy, mindfulness, physical touch, and acts that include the body. If she likes being touched, hug her, cuddle with her, and hold her as many times as you can.

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Stay Interested in Her

It’s easy to lose interest in someone, especially if you have been together for a very long time. But staying interested in your wife will show her that your feelings for her have never changed.

Ask how her day went, listen to her rants, and ask for her opinions. Lastly, always involve her in your decisions. If something is bothering your wife, ask her about it. While adverse events might trigger her emotions, listening to her will help her muster the courage she needs to overcome these problems.

Give Her Gifts

Your wife may tell you never to spend a single dollar to buy her anything, but it would hurt to buy her some jewelry for women during special occasions. While there’s nothing wrong in celebrating your anniversary or birthdays intimately, giving her a gift can make the day extra special.

Of course, you don’t always have to spend a lot of money on gifts. Simple things like cards, mani-pedi sessions, or a relaxing day at the spa may do the trick. Remember, to make your wife happy, you need to know her interests. From there, figure out the things that would please her.

Fight Better

Arguments are normal in all relationships. People argue all the time, and believe it or not, even the healthiest relationships have quarrels too. But at the end of the day, it’s about how you manage and deal with the problem.

During a fight, don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment. Listen to your wife’s side, express how you feel, and work together to find a solution. Avoid blaming your wife (even though it’s her fault) and focus on resolving your issues together. Always put this phrase in your mind: It’s never about you versus her. It’s you and her versus the problem.

Talk about Bedroom Activities

Do not assume that she’s enjoying everything you do in the bedroom. People tend to run on autopilot when it comes to lovemaking, thinking that what they are doing is right. You can avoid this mistake by talking to your wife sincerely, ask her what she wants, what does she find sexy, and be considerate about her opinions.

In doing so, make sure you promote an environment of support, safety, and curiosity and not stress, pressure, or resentment. Remember that you are doing this to learn how to make your spouse happy in bed.

It would also be best to encourage your wife to put some effort into making your relationship happier. Let her know that both of you need to contribute to making your marriage smoother and healthier. Be consistent with your actions. At least once a day, show her how much she means to you by doing simple things.

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