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How to Keep Your Office or Shop Safe and Secure

As a businessman, you’re not responsible for only filling up orders, delivering items on time, and balancing the sheets. You’re also responsible for the safety of your workers and your office. While there are many ways to invest in security systems, there are also some things that you need to keep in mind to keep your business safe and secure.

Lock Doors and Windows

Instead of using wood frames for your doors, invest in a metal door jamb. Burglars can’t get into your business as easily as they could kick a wooden door. They need special tools to drill into the metal framework of your doors and windows. Before leaving the office, check all the locks and bolts. You can set a schedule wherein certain individuals will be responsible for checking all entry points.

Secure Your Laptops

Burglars are mostly looking for things that are easy to carry but are valuable. Laptops fall under that category. They can crack a window open, enter your office, and swipe your laptops from the tables. The best thing to do is to lock them in drawers. The burglars will find it more difficult to search for them and simply pick up less valuable items.

Remind your employees not to have their laptop passwords lying around. This will make it harder for the burglars to crack into the computers. By the time they do, you can wipe out your digital files remotely.

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Install Cameras

Install CCTV cameras outside and inside your office space. This should, at least, discourage burglars from targeting your office. Invest in high-quality security cameras so that you can get a good picture of who burglarized your office (if it does happen). This will help the police investigate the incident.

But you need to make sure that the cameras are installed where there’s also sufficient lighting. That will make the pictures clearer. You can install automatic lights that turn on only when there’s a movement detected. The same can be installed indoors.

Get an Alarm System

An alarm system in your doors and windows will deter burglaries. Although you already have one installed, you should check it often. Is it still working? Try to enter your office without putting in the alarm code. Did the alarm go off? Modern alarm systems can now alert you or the police if an intruder enters your office and set the alarm off.

Don’t Leave Cash Behind

Hopefully, you have a system wherein someone will deposit your cash to your bank account at the end of the day. If this is not always possible, carry it with you back to your home or put it in a safety deposit box. Certainly, you should never have cash lying around your office. Doing so will only attract intruders to try and come into your building.

The safety and security of your office depend on how well-invested you are in it. Security today costs a certain amount of money. If you aren’t ready to invest in these technologies, you’ll have a harder time ensuring the safety of your office and its contents. You also need to train your employees and put security measures in place that they should follow.

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