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Winter Bucket List: 9 Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

The pandemic made going outside a dangerous task. Wearing masks and socially distancing are suitable measures to take, but the best way is to stay inside the home with your family. For this coming winter 2021, it can be fun to organize indoor activities that promote interaction and safety for the entire family. Here are some ideas that you can opt for when the cold starts setting in.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking and baking can be fun family activities that will give you a fulfilling meal at the end of the day. You can try out a recipe you saw online. You can do a test run of some of the dishes you plan on making for Christmas. Cookies are also very easy to make that even your children can participate in the prepping and mixing of the ingredients.

Candle Making

You probably saw people making their own candles from ready mixes online. Candle making can be a therapeutic process for those that need some relaxing activities for the cold months. You just need to buy some wax to melt and some candle fragrance oil to add to the mixture. Cute and fun molds are also available, so you can customize your creations however you want.

Room Makeovers

Get the family to makeover a room or two inside the house. Starting a room renovation will involve cleaning it some it can be beneficial for you too. It can be as grand as building an entirely new bed set and installing new windows or as simple as repainting the walls, changing the sheets and curtains to something more colorful, and even just rearranging the placement of your furniture.

Camping on the Patio

To help simulate the feel of the great outdoors that we probably all miss, you can organize camping sessions out on your patio. A tent can be set up anywhere while a campfire burns nearby, providing warmth for the cold night. The activity can be paired with roasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate, and gazing at the moon and stars above.

Movie Night

Watching a movie as a family offers a certain cozy feeling, especially in the cold months. This is also an intimate activity that can distract from the many worries that bother us every day. Depending on the genre, a movie can keep us all focused on one thing while snacking on comfort food like ice cream or popcorn. Even better, a TV series can keep the whole family watching together for many nights in a row.

Gingerbread House Decorating

The tradition of making and decorating gingerbread houses can be traced back to Germany and the children’s story of Hansel and Gretel. Today, it is a fun activity for kids that make use of sweets like candies, chocolates, and frosting to create sugary home structures. This can be made easier as gingerbread decorating kits are now available online, including many of the usual ingredients for building your own gingerbread house.


Propagating a garden takes time and energy, but it can give your home a beautiful and appealing landscape if done right. Getting the kids to help in the planting and digging makes it an interactive task that promotes beautifying the earth and making the environment greener. Just be careful when working with chemicals and fertilizers. Make sure that your children always wash their hands and generally keep away from these substances.

Calling Relatives

Especially now, when people are confined inside their homes, we must reach out to avoid feeling isolated from everyone else. Chatting or calling our friends and family living in a different place can keep us connected for this coming Christmas season. Simply asking how they are doing is good but having long conversations can help us to feel like the world is okay once again.

DIY Spa Day

Relaxation is even more important during this pandemic to help us reduce anxiety about our family’s safety. With many wellness facilities currently closed due to their nature of having a lot of physical contact with their clients, we can still bring the relaxing ambiance of a spa to our home. Turning down the lights, lighting scented candles, playing ambient music, and soaking in a warm bath for some time can bring some peace to our weary minds.

With all these activities, we can keep a close relationship with the entire family. We just have to look at the bright side of this pandemic to help us cope with the fact that the “new normal”¬†might still be far in the future. So let us continue keeping ourselves and our families safe while making the most of our time together.

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