Attract Tourists with Your Instagram-worthy Airbnb Home Interior!

COVID-19 has weakened tourism everywhere, and a lot of businesses suffered. But as the world is slowly trying to open, these businesses are gradually coming back too. One of them is the vacation rental industry. Forbes has projected that Airbnb revenue could stand at about $4.5 billion in 2021. With a lot of music festivals and events returning, this industry is going to be profitable anew.

Now, your goal is to beat the competition. Integrating social media aesthetics into your rental home is a strategy you shouldn’t ignore. You may want to make sure that people won’t resist taking photos of your place. With over a billion users, Instagram is one of the most marketable platforms out there. What can you do to make your Airbnb home worthy of a #hashtag? Here are some you can consider.

Give plants a place in your home

This pandemic has made us discover things that we never knew we would have liked. The next thing we know, we were all obsessed with the grandeur of these lush plants we were bringing home. Their popularity has dramatically risen for the past months, and they’re not stopping. Why not take advantage of this natural beauty?

An adorable Bird of Paradise could complement the white walls of your home rental. You can also go mainstream with a touch of Monstera. Go big with Elephant Ears or prefer the subtle calm succulents can bring. Plants can attract a lot of people, even the ones without green thumbs. Who doesn’t want an Instagram photo of your alluring indoor plants?

Fancy home decors are trendy

Draw renters’ attention by beautifying your rental house with home decors. Put those houseplants we discussed earlier in appropriate vases. Cylindrical ones go well with minimalist spaces. Bohemian vibes have always been a favorite by tourists too. A boho-chic influencer would effortlessly find a connection with a hippie-influenced bedroom.

Decorate it with stylish handwoven blankets you could easily score at furniture stores. Invest in vintage pieces you could find at thrift shops. Attract millennials with pop art illustrations and vinyl records. You could even buy vintage appliances that are fully operational. Whatever style you choose, make sure that it will be irresistible, especially for the social media age groups.

Impress through wall paints and patterns

Eye-catching backdrops are instant click-baits. Your guests could take photos against a popping background that is your wall. Spoil your visitors with a generous amount of spaces they could take pictures at. Do this by maximizing the usage of your walls. Play with colors you think would be most favorable to your target demographics. Family renters will feel warmth to have their kids pose against pastel wall paints.

Photographing babies would surely be a delight. If your focus centers on young adults, bold paint colors are the way to go. Pair it with geometrical patterns. These social media darlings would have an instant backdrop for their campaigns. Do not underestimate the minimalist movement too.

A plain solid color for your wall can be associated with calmness. That’s what most are looking for nowadays. Photographers, pros or not, have mastered the art of expressing glory through simplicity. They’d feel elated to use this space to display their photographic excellence. Tweaking the appearance of your walls would make a lot of difference.

A blissful bathroom is a vibe

People like doing bathroom selfies. It’s a place that gives them autonomy, privacy, and confidence. An inviting bathroom interior would spark selfie ideas for your guests. A cozy bathing space is always cool to look at. A cute tub is a great spot for champagne and candlelight relaxation. It would definitely make a great Instagram post too. Keep it classy with dark-painted walls matched with slick lavatories and faucets.  Incorporate bright colors into your bathroom for a sunshine vibe. You’ll find a wide array of bathroom interior ideas online that’ll certainly fit your liking.

And lastly, the lighting 

People who like to take photos always look for good lighting. It’s gonna be an instant hit for your guests if your rental home has marvelous lighting. It’ll help them work with angles and perspectives. Want to make your guests always look camera-ready? The lighting can do wonders. Well-lit spaces are selfie-friendly.

Setting the mood with dim lights could make romantic dinners a picture-perfect moment. You could always go natural too. Use the sunlight to light spaces in your rental home. Better to have bedroom windows placed where the sun shines. That’s gonna be a perfect morning selfie spot. Make use of lighting techniques to benefit your social media presence.

Get ahead of your Airbnb and Instagram game. With competitive pricing and aesthetically satisfying spaces, your rental home would be an overnight social media star.

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