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Invisalign Hertfordshire a modern solution for a modern world

In the twenty-first century we are required to put in that little more effort to achieve our goals and aspirations than was perhaps required in the past. How we look and present ourselves is becoming increasingly important. Invisalign Hertfordshire is keeping pace with the latest developments in dentistry to help you in this quest.

Constantly moving forward

The dental industry has been developing over many centuries and continues to develop as new technologies emerge. For many years there was only one type of dental brace for all the different dental misalignment problems and the same piece of apparatus was adapted. Today that has all changed and a more targeted approach has been taken. In dentistry today the treatment is designed around the condition being treated. This is in stark contrast to the past when the treatment was dictated by the type of apparatus available.

Dental misalignment

Dentists today can treat a wide variety of dental misalignment conditions ranging from gapped teeth to an overcrowded mouth. In addition overbites, underbites, crossbites and much more can all be tackled with confidence. Metal braces were the only appliance of choice for dental misalignments for decades, but advances in dentistry have changed all of that today.

Dental braces and aligners

A wide variety of braces has been developed with practical and cosmetic principles in mind. Many braces are now made from ceramics, because the colour more closely matches the natural colour of our teeth. There are also clear braces which are less conspicuous and are more popular with older patients. Another brace is one that fits on to the inside of the teeth making it almost impossible to detect. More lately dental science and technology have uncovered another method of correcting dental misalignment. This new method does not require blocks, bands or wires and resembles a thin gum shield (called aligners) more than a dental appliance.


A game-changing breakthrough

The Invisalign aligner is not only an appliance, but an entire technological and digital revolution. Using this technology a dentist is able to show a patient a virtual view of what their smile will look like even before treatment begins. The technology involved can take as many as six thousand pictures per second of a patient’s teeth, providing an extremely accurate view. These pictures are then sent digitally to a Invisalign laboratory where a personalised treatment plan is created and designed exclusively for a particular patient.

A more comfortable experience

Aligners must be worn for up to twenty-two hours per day to be efficient, but they can be removed to allow a patient to eat and to brush and floss their teeth. Because the aligners are made from a clear dental material they are less conspicuous than braces. Treatment is based on a particular condition so the duration depends on the condition, but can be anywhere from four months to two years. Each alinger is slightly different in orientation and is designed to gradually move the teeth into a predetermined position.

The final result, worth the wait!

Once the final tray has done its job, the patient will be required to wear a final retention aligner for a few weeks to allow the teeth to settle. The final result will allow the patient to smile broadly and confidently at friends, family and colleagues, or for selfies. Retention aligners will need to be worn long term at night to ensure the teeth don’t relapse.

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