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Makeover Tricks for Old Homes

Your home may have been your dream home when you first purchased it. Over time, wear and tear may have chipped at its edges. While there are people who like the feel and vibe of an old house, it won’t hurt to maintain its good condition. Make sure that it’s free of leaks and other nasty things that can turn old vibe into worn-out quickly.

Here are some home weapons that you can have on hand all the time to keep your old home in top condition:

Room Mists and Air Fresheners

The first giveaway of an old house is the old attic smell. What better way can you get rid of this? You can have deep cleaning services done occasionally and top up daily with a sweet-smelling room mist and air freshener.

Break free from the old notion that old houses stink. Use a scent stick with a trustworthy diffuser, which can also have other health benefits. The American College of Healthcare Sciences outlines four essential oil databases that contain the different oils that can suit your fancy. These databases are scientifically-backed, which can prove their efficiency.

Wax and Wood Polish

Some floors have sturdy urethane coating to keep them from getting scratches or abrasions. However, if you still don’t have that in place or you have delicate flooring material, wax and polish can do the trick. They can give an instant new feeling to wooden floors that have been used for years.

Glass Cleaners

It’s glass that often gets grime and a cloudy appearance. Invest in a good glass cleaner and an accompanying glass wiper that will make sure you can reach every nook and cranny of your glass windows. These materials also apply to full-length and vanity mirrors that also need a lot of scrubbing love.


Bleaching the bathroom tiles will make it look brand new again. The grub that darkens the spaces between the tiles makes the whole bathroom look older than it should. You can also clean the shower curtains and make sure they are fresh and sweet-smelling. Even if there are no guests on holiday, this will work to your advantage.

New Paint and Doorknobs

A little new paint and a few new doorknobs can go a long way in making your home look spanking and new. It’s a good way to promote a feeling of newness in your home. You can have generic cleaning activities for the rest of the house. But if it’s painted and the knobs are all shiny and new, people will not think of your home as old.

Leak Catchers and Killers

One of the things that kill the ceiling detail is links from broken pipes. Make sure you nip this problem in the bud, or you will have to pay more for home repairs and endure an ugly chip in your otherwise perfect ceiling. Have leaks repaired so that accidents don’t occur as well.


Hair, gunk, and other debris can get stuck in your sink and your toilets. Make sure you have declogging agents and use these solutions at least once a week for proper maintenance. Don’t wait until there’s full-blown congestion until you take action.

Change the Lights

light bulbs in different shapes

Changing the light bulbs will light up your home in a fresher way. You can opt for energy-saving bulbs. You can lessen your expenses with these while keeping your house well-lit.

Making small and consistent repairs is easier than shelling out an arm and a leg for a huge repair from a mismanaged house. The incremental change of taking care of your home every day is also a useful and practical habit that you can pass on to your loved ones.

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