Methods to Raise Productivity In The Workplace

The growth of a business, and its success, are determined by several factors. Out of all of them, perhaps the most notable one is the productivity of the firm as a whole. A business with high rates of productivity means a greater work output is accomplished with the same amount of input through better management and efficiency. This results in the company achieving its set goals more quickly.

A company will take longer to reach its milestones if it suffers from a dip in its rate of productivity. Factors to maintain high productivity rates are due to an efficient work environment.

Office Layout

The office layout refers to the arrangement of seating and other equipment in the available floor space. There are numerous layouts available, but two of the most used are the cubicle and open plan layout.

They differ in that cubicles provide employees with their own space, while an open-plan layout encourages collaboration. Regardless of the choice, the layout should promote both areas where staff can focus on work and places allowing innovation, group discussions and teamwork.

The office layout also needs designated spaces where employees can gather during their breaks and socialize. Taking the time to unwind from their responsibilities prevent them from burning out.

All of these can be achieved, even by companies who are already established in their offices. Throughout Australia, countless businesses opt for commercial fitouts. Companies offering fitout services redesign the office layout and develop ways of improving the amenities to improve the work environment.

Office setup


The lighting in the workplace, while seemingly inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, has as much power as other elements that affect the efficiency and productivity of the company.

Experts recommend natural light to be used as much as possible to reduce headaches, drowsiness, and stress. However, some companies don’t have access to buildings with plenty of windows.

This is why companies are encouraged to use a mixture of different lights to attain a balance in lighting. Electric lights can be installed to mimic the natural brightness of the sun, like warm white lights. A balance should be achieved when it comes to intensity. If the lighting is too dim or too bright, staff are more likely to suffer eye strain.

This is especially important nowadays, given the number of employees exposed to artificial light from computers or laptops. The light from the screens can strain the eyes. This can be alleviated through contrasting warm lights.

Cleanliness and Organization

A messy environment encourages disorganization, which leads to lower productivity. Moreover, it can affect a person’s motivation to work. While it isn’t possible to control how employees manage their workstations, companies still need to promote cleanliness and structure. Such a task can be accomplished by establishing office etiquette through developing systems, implementing guidelines on office conduct and providing facilities to maintain a clean and organized work environment.

The office should be a pleasant place to work. Although managers are responsible for motivating their staff to maintain a high standard of quality work, a poor working environment contributes to low morale. This makes it harder for managers to maintain good productivity rates.

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