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Mixing and Matching: Making an Eclectic Interior Design Work

When it comes to home interior designs, more and more people are embracing the beauty of eclecticism. For many, it gives them a valuable opportunity to mix and match more than two different aesthetic themes. However, you should not mix and match items mindlessly. You still have to study if the elements that you are going to use seamlessly blend together or produce an interesting sight.

This can be challenging for many homeowners who are just starting their design journey. But, do not worry that much. There are many ways you can pull off an eclectic design without losing your head. You only have to remember this golden rule: pick the best items from different designs or themes. If you want, you can create a mood board to find out if your design is working. Here are some important things that you should keep in mind.

Pick a major color

Just because it is eclectic does not mean that you should go for many colors. You can, but you have to be careful of the combinations so that the final look will not be garish. In this regard, you should pick a major color that will only be complemented by appropriate and accentuating shades. For example, if you pick a neutral shade, such as beige or white, as your major color, you can go for darker hues, such as dark brown or gray, to accentuate it. The items you will bring in should also be based on this rule.

Play with patterns

Eclectic is all about stimulating your sense of sight. You can easily pull this off by applying a variety of patterns. These patterns can appear in your wallpaper, artworks, and even flooring. Vibrant and intriguing visual elements, such as polka dots, stripes, and geometric shapes, will add character to your home. Do not overdo it, though, so that you will not end up making your house look messy.

Experiment with textures

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Other than patterns, textures can also create visual intrigue. They add layers of design to any space, making it much more interesting. In this case, textures can appear in your carpets and wall designs. Your choice of furniture can also help. When it comes to this, you should visit a range of furniture stores in Salt Lake City to discover different textures.

Spruce up your walls

Your wall is a large canvas that can look artistic with the right choices of artworks. Turn it into a mini-gallery by hanging paintings and artworks that are in line with your theme. You can use other artistic materials too, such as photographs and calligraphy.

Eclectic design is a timeless aesthetic theme that will always be in vogue. But to pull it off, you need to test first if the items you have in mind can actually blend seamlessly together. This is a very personal approach to interior design, so you can mix and match as many themes as you like — provided that they will not produce an overwhelming sight.

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