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The Status of the Roofing Industry Today

Roofers, like many other businesses, can report a severe slowdown or shutdown in 2020. Due to COVID, contractors postponed commercial and large-scale projects, resulting in a decrease for most construction and maintenance sectors. Despite these obstacles, industry data indicates that residential roofing is rapidly recovering.

The demand for roofing in the United States is expected to increase by 0.2 percent per year, reaching 253 million squares by 2024. This increase can be ascribed to increased home construction, replacing aging roofs with more durable products such as polycarbonate solid sheets, and a rising interest in sustainable materials.

Roofing contractors must find a method to successfully manage and promote their company to capitalize on rising customer demand. Here are the top industry trends that help companies generate leads, grow revenue, and improve their online image:

Emerging Coating Fields

Because of the impacts of COVID, companies are concerned about the expense of installing a new roof. This necessitates roof care, and there is a method for roofers to generate revenue with another low-cost material: coating. Connor Campanella and Frank Laraia, Henry Co.’s Director of National Accounts, explain the advantages of roof coating in a chat with the Roofing Contractor. Henry Co. is North America’s biggest producer of roof restoration and repair products.

Roof coating is a fluid-applied substance that attaches and protects the roof like paint. It is used on openings, pipelines, roofing, and other roof infrastructure. According to Laraia, roof coating has witnessed significant jumps in technical development from advanced materials to installers. These materials, such as silicone, are elastic, which means they can contract and extend without breaking. According to some experts, using components such as silicone is high-quality, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. Silicone is also water-resistant and needs minimal upkeep.

Roof coating is a fantastic potential since the application is simple, which reduces labor expenses. Repurposing the very same product to repair roofs is also eco-friendly and saves wastage. Roof coating is a booming business, in addition to its many advantages.


Contractors are shifting away from conventional roofing materials and toward more environmentally friendly options. Consumers and companies are ready to pay more for ecologically friendly roofing materials since they save energy and have a longer lifetime. Metal tiling, solar cells, and cooler and greener roofs are examples of sustainable roofing materials to consider this year.

The job of developing sustainable roofing is like blind men characterizing an elephant. One guy misidentifies a huge limb as a pillar, another misidentifies the trunk as a serpent, while another misidentify ears as enormous fans and tusks as pointed spears. And, just as each perspective fails to capture the enormity of the elephant as a whole, initial perceptions of ecological roofing tend to fall short of showing the full potential of the world’s roofs.

The words that are presently used to define sustainable roofing generate as much confusion as they do clarity. Environmentally friendly roofs may be characterized as “warm” or “cool.” They may not only be “eco friendly,” but they can also generate “renewable energy. Green roofs are often characterized by the color they display: “white” to reflect sunlight, “blue” from collected rainwater, “green” from lush carpeting of vegetation, and “black” from the shine of solar panels. However, these definitions conceal the reality that contemporary roofs perform many purposes and have a wide range of environmental impacts.

Advanced Safety and Marketing

Videos are an entertaining tool that can help your company raise awareness, contemplation, direction, and action. This year, according to a Wyzowl study, 84 percent of consumers were persuaded to purchase a product or service after viewing a brand’s video. You can create several kinds of videos to assist in nurture leads and conversions.

Drones are an excellent method to monitor safety and demonstrate service excellence. Today’s cameras provide high-resolution pictures and video capabilities, allowing builders to map and measure roofs more precisely. Images can also indicate possible dangers, allowing employees to identify and repair problems safely. These pictures can also be used as a marketing tool by businesses and posted on their website.

Potential consumers looking for your company will notice the work quality, influencing their choice to contact for an inquiry. You can also include pictures and videos in your bid mailings and social media sites.

The roofing sector is recovering from the impacts of COVID-19, and residential projects are increasing. Customers want contractors that emphasize high-quality services, environmentally safe products, and affordable installation prices. Businesses must put themselves in the best possible position to create sales, and turning to industry developments is a fantastic place to start. Redesigning your product lines, adopting user-friendly software, and improving your internet reputation can help you stay on track in 2021 and beyond.

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