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Rule Out: 3 Home Design Do’s and Don’ts You Can Break in Your Next Makeover

When it comes to interior design, there are lots of dos and don’ts. The simple principle is that when you abide by the rules, you can guarantee an aesthetically-pleasing space. But the reality is, sometimes when you break away from the rules, that’s when you discover more visual interest, more potential. But of course, it’s essential to know which of the many do’s, and don’ts are worth diverting from. These are the ones that would pay off breaking:

Don’t use dark hues in a small room.

The idea is that a tiny space becomes even smaller when it’s filled with dark colours. But actually, the opposite happens, perhaps just not in the way that you’d expect. You see, when you use blacks and deep shades, these design elements blur the edges of the walls, which then make it hard for people to figure out the limits and boundaries of the space. That creates the illusion of a bigger room then. So don’t be afraid to go bold in your colours. If you want to be on the safe side though, you can try one corner of a wall first, before painting everything. The farthest wall from the entrance of a room is a good option, as it can instantly be an accent corner.

Do choose big furniture in big spaces and small ones in small rooms.

Scale is one of the basic principles of design. It guarantees that the space will look just right. No awkward, big chunks of spaces. No overcrowding either. But sometimes, you need small furnishings in big spaces. Especially when you want to highlight the vastness of the room more. Or you envision a lot of negative space to emphasise a minimalist feel. Other times, it pays off to have significant pieces in small rooms. For instance, when you want to make a little corner more intimate, ideal for late-night conversations. So yes, you want to keep in mind the principle of scale, but you also don’t neglect the atmosphere you want in that room. If you’re looking for new seating furniture to spruce up the feel in your space, buy a sofa online to keep the hassle at bay.

Do make sure to match everything.

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This is a trendy rule because it ensures that your entire home design will look unified and well put-together. But this can also easily make it boring. When everything is of the same kind, colour, or texture, the design will look monotonous. That’s why a better approach here is to plan for contrast. If you have warm colours, introduce cool colours, too. If you have wooden textures, make way for metal textures, as well. Take it up a notch by combining different interior design styles. Mix minimalist with eclectic decor, classic with contemporary, mid-century modern with industrial. Determine how many per cent of the space goes to which, so the look won’t look like a hodgepodge of everything.

Rules to Break

Interior design is complex, that’s why it’s broken down into rules. But once you know the rules by heart, it’s time to break away from the mold and find more potential for the space.

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