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Self-Destructive Household Habits Are Ruining Your Home

Humans are creatures of habit. They go into routines without even noticing they develop one. But sometimes, the habits you develop can damage your surroundings. Even the smallest mistakes can leave the biggest marks in your home.

Leaving your home unattended and unkempt, you’re subjecting yourself to thousand dollars of repair and maintenance costs that you could’ve avoided.

Here are some habits that tend to ruin your home:

Not Decluttering Your Home

One the easiest ways to give your home a breathing room is to declutter. Sometimes, you might be hardwired to leave your stuff anywhere just so you can get back to it later. You won’t notice how all the clutter will accumulate until you forget where you put your wallet, remote control or your phone.

As much as possible, keep your home organized by putting the right stuff to their rightful places. Don’t leave any clutter anywhere, especially paper. The latter tends to be a fire hazard, and as such, one rogue ember or spark may cause your home to burn.

Buying More Groceries Than Needed

Sometimes, you might find yourself on a shopping binge or just buy a lot of groceries for the long haul. You buy a little bit too much of vegetables, meat and other perishables. Maybe you wanted to cook for a group of people. Maybe you wanted to donate to a food bank. But make sure you don’t buy what you can’t handle. Having a lot of perishables in your home can cause bad smells inside the home because of spoilage. Also, some of these might attract local pests. When that happens, you might want to call a New England pest control company to take care of any unwanted critters.

Slamming Doors and Windows

Emotional times can get messy. There’s the closing of the windows, the slamming of the door. You add extra strength to it to prove your anger. But doing so might destroy your door or window itself. Your windows might let moisture in because of cracking from all the emotional slamming. The same goes with doors with their door jambs broken. All these may cause extra drafts to come in your home and either cause molds or turn up your heating costs. As much as possible, when getting emotional, don’t take it out on your doors.

Cleaning Grout with Vinegar

Vinegar, white vinegar to be exact, is a miracle cleaning solution you can use almost anywhere. It can disinfect and whiten surfaces. However, using it for cleaning the bathroom or kitchen might have repercussions. Vinegar’s acidity can destroy your bathroom’s grout. Cement-based grout tends to be alkaline-based, which can corrode when you use vinegar to clean it up. This leaves a yellowish, crumbling and sandy grout, which will eventually force you to perform a bathroom or kitchen renovation in due time.

Not Cleaning Your Cleaning Tools

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Cleaning tools, despite used for cleaning, aren’t self-cleaning. More often than not, people wait for the worst moment before they clean up their appliances. Regularly maintaining your cleaning implements, tools and appliances lets you maintain the overall cleanliness of your home. Otherwise, you’re just repeatedly moving bacteria and dust from one place to another until such a point where your home becomes an unhealthy place to live in for anyone.

Humans may be creatures of habit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break your bad routines. Practice thinking of your home’s cleanliness and habitability to ensure that your home remains a safe space for you and your loved ones.

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