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Sheep Handling Facilities You Should Have

Just like cattle yards, sheep farms should also have basic facilities and equipment like loading ramps, shelters, and the like. This is to protect the safety and well-being of the livestock, ensure efficient workflow, and guarantee big profits for farm owners.

Fortunately, there are companies in Australia that supply high-quality livestock farm facilities for specific animals such as cattle, goat, and sheep. Now, if you happen to own a sheep farm, you must have a complete set of sheep handling facilities and equipment to ensure smooth daily operations.

Here are some of the essential sheep handling facilities that you must invest in for your farm:

Portable sheep yard

Whether you’re attending an agri-trade fair or just working on your sheep in another spot on your farm, a portable sheep yard will have you covered. This facility is easy to stack, transport, and set up in minutes; so you’ll have a secure place for your sheep. Some suppliers of portable sheep yards even include a trailer on which to load the panels for easy transport from one place to another.

Panels and gates


Sheep panels and gates can be portable, semi-permanent, or permanent, depending on your specific needs and preferences. They are typically made from heavy-duty steel for extra security and come with caps, joining pins and bolts, and post or frames. You may choose between budget panels and heavy-duty ones whichever works for you.

Drenching races/drafting modules

These are yet another must-have items in any sheep yard. Drenching races and drafting modules allow the sheep to drench easily and safely. They can be permanent or semi-permanent, dual or single, and straight or curved. There are also options between rail and sheeted sides, as well as guillotine or foldaway gates. Some suppliers even customise them according to specifications so that you can order them to fit your unique farm needs.

Loading ramps

Loading ramps are designed to ensure optimum sheep flow in a safe manner. They can also be customised; but the usual options include manual or electric winches, concrete or wooden floors, sheeted or rail sides, and wooden or rubber truck contact points. For portability, you may order a portable loading ramp that can be towed to your desired destination. There are also traditional ramps with fixed and adjustable heights for on-farm use only.

Weighing and handling equipment

Modern sheep weighing and handling equipment these days practically get rid of mistakes with their automated capacities for handling, drafting, and weighing. They can even take live weights and individual animal traits for reference purposes. Some weighing and handling models even come with a dedicated trailer for optimum portability. Another great feature of advanced models is a single-person operation, so manpower is used efficiently.

While some of these sheep handling equipment and facilities may cost a hefty sum, it’s undeniable that they are critical in any sheep farm operations. You may contact a supplier near you for advice and price quotes on the right models that suit your farm’s needs and budget. With a complete set of sheep handling facilities, you can expect a more streamlined and cost-efficient farm operations for better profit margins. Also, remember that studying the behaviour of your herd, ensuring their safety and well-being, and other similar factors can contribute in careful planning and designing of your sheep handling facility.

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