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Turning Your Home into a Plant Haven: What to Do

Plant decor has become a fashionable way of decorating your home, whether in the interiors or exteriors. Plants come in various colours apart from green, so you could use that to add a touch of spice to your interiors.

A touch of green in your house can also pose some benefits. It has been proven that keeping houseplants indoors can improve the air quality around the room and is a good way to relieve stress. Plants are also good for keeping your surroundings fresh and clean-looking.

In some cases, plants can be a good pet replacement if you do not have the time and energy to commit to a real pet. This article will provide you with ideas on the best places to put your plants and tips on caring for them.


Indoor plant decor has been a trend in Asian households for many years. This type of decor has also started catching up in the West, especially amid the pandemic, where quarantine restrictions prevent us from venturing outdoors. Keeping indoor plants is a good way of keeping us in touch with nature. But where should you put your plants.

1. Small Plants

Pick a spacious place on your wall and install some wall shelves. This way, you can put as many small potted plants as you wish to keep while staying organised. Keeping your plant decor in one space can also minimise the illusion of clutter. You can also use a gold-accented cart or a bookcase to place your plants on. Small succulents can also be a good piece of decor in your bathroom.

2. Large Plants

For larger plants like a money tree, areca palm, or snake plant, you may use a pot that complements the colour of your home. Then you can place them in the corners of your house. You can put them beside the stairs, beside the living room TV for a symmetrical look, or near the windows of your house. Bigger plants are great for highlighting the corners of your room or creating the illusion of symmetry.

Take note that the plants you choose to keep indoors are those that should not easily wilt. Some examples are your cast-iron plant, weeping fig tree, bromeliads, and any succulent.

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If you live in a property with a wide deck, you can decorate it with flowering plants and create a floral-themed space perfect for relaxing. Don’t forget to avail of the right decking services to take care of the space. Vine-type plants can be a great addition to decorating your deck’s railing.

If you live in an apartment in a tall apartment complex, you may also use your terrace. Get yourself one of those plant boxes for your balcony. Fill it up with flowering plants or any bushy leafy plant of your choice. The good thing about decorating outdoors is that you can choose whatever type of plant. It is guaranteed that your plant will survive because of its sunlight exposure compared to plants indoors. Remember, not all plants can survive low-light areas.

Caring for Your Indoor Plants

Plants you’ve placed indoors need extra care, especially if they’re not the type to thrive in low-light environments. You must place your plant where it can be hit by natural light during the day, even if it’s just for four hours. Plants need sunlight to thrive and produce their food. Without it, your plant might wilt regardless if you water them regularly.

Watering your plants is a no-brainer. However, if most of the plants you own are succulents, there’s no need to drown them in water as these plants absorb and store enough water that can last them for days or even weeks. A good amount of spraying every other day is enough.

If you’ve decided to own a bonsai tree for its decorative purposes, it’s also important that you take care of them. Watering them regularly, exposing them to sunlight, and trimming off excess branches is important. If you notice, Bonsai plants are encased in small ceramic pots. Because of that, trimming off excess branches and leaves is important in keeping the plant alive. This enables the plant to evenly distribute water throughout the plant without struggle.

Those are some ways to decorate your house with plants. Decorating your abode with them can reduce stress and bring in a therapeutic feeling of calmness. It is also a perfect way to bring nature into your own home, especially if you are a big fan of the outdoors. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from having your fill of Mother Nature.

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