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What Can You Do as a Health Coach?

As people are starting to become more and more health-conscious, health coaches are becoming an in-demand commodity. If you’re passionate about health and wellness and have considered a career in the field, perhaps you’ve wondered what careers there are for you to explore. Once you’ve got the proper training that’s required for health coaches, it’s time to think about what to focus your knowledge and skills on. The following professions are some of the best job options you can consider in your path to becoming a health and wellness professional.

Blogging and Writing

Have you got a passion for both writing and health and wellness? Becoming a lifestyle blogger could be the ideal career path for you. This job allows you to reach thousands of people, make a decent living, and work from the comfort of your home and live anywhere you choose. You’ll be sharing your knowledge of health and wellness on your platform and increase your visibility and industry credibility. Once you’ve gathered a decent following, you might even be able to score a book deal for a self-help book or a recipe book in the future.

Corporate Wellness Consultant

Many companies are realizing that improving their employees’ health and well-being increases their productivity and efficiency. As a corporate wellness consultant, you’ll be doing a variety of tasks such as optimizing meal plans, creating team-building exercises, and leading workshops and lectures about personal health.

Cooking Class Instructor

If you’ve got a passion for food and whipping up delicious yet nutritious recipes, you can leverage your background in health and wellness by helping people learn how to cook healthy meals. You can even get creative with it by hosting virtual cooking classes instead of in-person classes. Perhaps you can even start your own YouTube channel or become a cooking streamer on streaming websites like Twitch.


Podcasts are a fun and creative way to tell stories and connect with others. It’s also got the potential to be a lucrative career. If you’ve got a curious mind, a desire for telling well-crafted stories, and an investigative streak, creating a podcast could be the ideal job for you.

Motivational Speaker

Events and companies are always on the lookout for passionate and engaging motivational speakers. If you’ve got a knack for public speaking and being in front of crowds, this is a great way to leverage your background in health coaching. You’ll be able to help tons of people by sharing your knowledge with a variety of audiences.

Product Developer

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Are you always busy dreaming up new inventions? Have you ever thought about inventing your own healthy product to be sold for the benefit of millions of people around the country or even across the globe? If you’ve got an inventive and creative mind, you can use your knowledge as a health coach to develop your own healthy product which can be anything from baby food to mobile phone apps. The sky’s the limit.

Carve your own niche within the health coaching and health and lifestyle industry by pursuing any of these fulfilling careers.

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