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Why Go for Ducted Air Conditioning

Today, finding the perfect air-conditioning system is indeed a challenge for many. Different variables, such as energy efficiency, add-on features, and convenience place people on the fence when shopping for units. Given the number of units to choose from, ducted air conditioners seem to be the best choice, especially for residential homes.

The basics of ducted air systems

Ducted systems work by distributing cooled air through ducts installed throughout a home’s ceiling, walls, and even underneath its floors. Every area, which needs cooling, has air outlets to allow cold air to flow into each space. This system efficiently distributes hot or cold air to meet the required temperature per area. Also, there is no need to worry about repairs or duct cleaning. St. George has on-call HVAC specialists who can do these for you.

The perks of using ducted air conditioners

 ducted air conditioners

  • It is quiet and consumes less energy
  • Temperature control and settings are easy to use
  • All ducts, tubes, and air lets are hidden from plain sight.
  • Clean and safe air is distributed, thanks to its filtration system.
  • It has special filters to prevent
  • Ducted systems can have zoning features that enable you to set the temperature for various rooms or spaces. Bedrooms can be used as “night zones,” while living areas can function as “day zones.”
  • New ducted air systems can be customized based on their user’s preferences. You can regulate the temperature for specific areas. Living areas can be classified as “morning” or “day” areas, while bedrooms or family areas can be set as “evening” areas.

The disadvantages of using ducted air systems

  • Time-consuming
  • Installation costs are expensive
  • A lot of construction work is needed to install the entire system
  • Maintaining the ducted system can be costly in the long run.

With all that said, you should remember that investing in a ducted air-conditioning system has advantages and disadvantages. It might incur higher costs at first, but your initial investment will be worth it in the end. Remember that maintaining any type of air-conditioning system has its own set of benefits and setbacks. Thus, you just need to pick the right cooling system for your home or business needs.

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