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Why Is It Important to Have a Me-Time Every Now and Then?

Many of us are working more than eight hours a day, to provide for our families or save for a better future. This long work hour takes a toll on our bodies, with the damage accumulating as we go for straight days without any rest. Even sitting for prolonged periods can be bad for you, and doing so can have lingering effects as you grow older.

That’s why it is not enough to just rest at home during the weekends. Having two days doing nothing won’t help you recuperate and be ready for the coming workdays. What you need is to have time to pamper yourself, both as a reward for your hard work, but also to relax and rejuvenate your body.

Here are the top reasons you should have that me-time often.

Reset Your Body

Just like resetting your old phone to ‘factory settings,’ you can also get your body working like new again with the help of a masseuse. You see, when you keep a posture for too long, your body tends to adopt that as the new normal.

When you’re slouched at your desk for eight hours straight, five days a week, you end up slouching unconsciously, even outside work. If you favor one side while sitting like you tend to tilt or lean to your right while you browse or type, you’ll find yourself shifting your weight more even while doing other things.

Your masseuse is trained to look for areas of your body with such problems and massage them to return them to their normal form. It could be a bit painful, especially if you’re just new to the concept of getting a massage, but the effect is worth it.

Now, if you have lingering pain in your back, a massage is probably not enough to fix it. Go to a reliable chiropractor for back pain relief. A chiropractor diagnoses and treats neuromuscular disorders, capable of manually adjusting your spine to fix various ailments.

Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is one of the most pleasing ‘me-time’ activities you can do for very minimal effort. Using scented oils and candles, you can transform your room into a spa-like environment, perfect for relaxation.

Aromatherapy offers a calming effect on hypertension, anxiety, or even pain. It’s fairly easy to do: just light up a scented candle or incense stick, dim the lights, and start massaging your skin with the scented essential oils. You can also put on a playlist of calming music, like the sounds of nature or any that relaxes you.

There are various essential oils you can try for different problems. For example, peppermint works great if you aim to boost your energy and improve your digestion. If you’re looking for stress relief, you can use lavender or bergamot. Sandalwood is great for calming the nerves, especially if you want to focus while studying or working.

A Complete Makeover


Nothing says refreshing like getting a complete makeover. Go to your favorite salon, get a trim or even a new hairdo, add highlights and see a completely new you. While you’re there, you can also get your nails done, get your feet scrubbed, the works. This relatively straightforward ‘me-time’ activity is perfect for those who are working straight shifts, with barely any time left to take care of themselves.

Many people think taking a break from work can hinder them from achieving their goals. But giving yourself time to relax can give you more energy and can make you more productive. Dedicating most of your time working and neglecting your well-being can cause health problems in the long run.

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