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A Closer Look at How One Qualifies to Be A Senior Citizen

Just who can be considered a senior citizen? Are you one based on your age? Your ability to hold a job? When you are a senior citizen, what options do you have for healthcare? What’s home healthcare franchise have to do with senior citizens?
To answer these questions, here are several factors that makes someone a senior citizen.


The senior age demographic begins at age 55. But across the US, organizations have different age requirements for senior citizens. For Medicare, the minimum age for a senior citizen is 65 years old. Meanwhile, senior citizens are eligible for Social Security benefits when they reach 62 years.
Those who love to eat out can get a senior discount at Arby’s or McDonalds when they’re 55. But at Burger King, you have to be 60 before they give you a discount.


The Social Security Office considers 67 as the age of retirement. But many organizations consider 65 as the most common age to retire from work. Although, in these days of economic difficulties, many people still work even after 65. So, working status or retirement isn’t considered a key factor when assessing if someone is a senior citizen or not.

Housing and Healthcare

Many senior citizens find themselves at some point unable to live without assistance. They have several options for housing. Among these options are their homes with a companion as a caregiver, a nursing home, or a retirement community.

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Living at home
Ideally, those who want to live alone should be able to still manage their daily activities. They can prepare their meals, be active socially, and have minimal health problems.
However, many senior citizens who require caregivers who will monitor their daily needs and assist them with their daily activities. For them, there is a growing number of home healthcare franchise operators who provide services to meet the custodial needs of senior citizens who have varying degrees of health problems and mobility.

Nursing homes
A quality nursing home provides a high level of care for seniors. Not only do nursing home staff assist seniors with daily activities such as eating and bathing, they also provide medical care comparable to the services given at a hospital.
A nursing home is a good option for those who have less mobility or have diseases that could worsen progressively like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Seniors get 24-hour help and supervision.

Retirement community
A retirement community is an apartment or a housing complex customized to meet the needs of senior citizens who are partially or fully retired from work. The amenities and services of such communities take into account the varying levels of mobility and health conditions of the residents.
One major concern about retirees is depression and isolation because of the change in their social and mental conditions. These retirement communities encourage residents to be socially active to combat such a concern.
Being a senior citizen means so many things to different people. One thing certain though is that senior citizens need more care options as they grow older. If you or a member of your family is nearing the senior citizen demographic, it would be best to explore the best options within your community.

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