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Is It Wrong To Be Spending Too Much Time Inside?

Over the past months, we’ve all grown comfortable with the idea of staying inside for most of the day without even batting an eye. Because both work and entertainment can be easily accessed from a laptop or smartphone, there’s been virtually no reason to go outside. Plus, considering the fact that ordering meals straight to your doorstep can be done in a few taps, you can get nearly anything done by just sitting on the couch and pushing the right buttons.

However, this now raises the concern of whether it’s wrong that we’re spending all this time inside, and while we understand the reasoning behind it, we can’t help but question what we’re losing because of this conscious choice. And so, to help gather our bearings in both lifestyle choices and what we need to do moving forward, it’s about time we learn why balancing outdoor time into our daily schedule is just as important.

As Far As Health Is Concerned, You’re Doing Good.

To address the elephant in the room, we know that we’re still in the middle of the Covid-19 global pandemic; therefore, as far as health and safety are concerned, staying inside is the smart thing to do given the circumstances. And if we take things up a notch, we can’t forget the fact that (1) the Covid-19 variants are imposing an increased risk and (2) even a second shot of the vaccine doesn’t guarantee absolute protection against the virus.

  • Covid-19 Variant Fears Are Increasing: The delta variant has been running amok throughout the country, with cases popping left and right, the fear growing day by day, and even shoppers spending less due to the surge. And if the dangers of the delta variant weren’t enough to handle already, the lambda variant has been making waves as well, spreading across South America, and suspected to have increased transmissibility and increased resistance against antibodies.
  • Vaccination Doesn’t Mean Absolute Protection: Although vaccination does protect you from the virus and teaches your body to fight back, we should remember that vaccination doesn’t guarantee absolute protection. The vaccine acts as a layer of extra protection which should still be supported by safe practices such as social distancing and avoiding any space with a lot of people. As a result, staying inside remains the safer option even for those vaccinated.

However, Staying Inside Too Long Has Its Drawbacks

Nevertheless, despite the apparent benefits that come with staying inside, strapping yourself to the couch and refusing to go outside also has its drawbacks that might just turn you worse for wear in the long run. So, regardless of the obvious resolution of keeping safe by means of self-isolation, complete omission of any outside movement and replacing it with Netflix binging is no perfect alternative either.

  • Throws Your Body’s Natural Rhythm Off: By nature, we are a species that move from one place to another in search of food to forage and animals to hunt, and while that may not be the case today, isolating at home has a negative impact of throwing your body off its natural rhythm. You’ll end up feeling a lot more drowsy and lethargic despite getting a full eight hours of sleep, and you might even feel anxious and depressed from too much alone time.
  • Everybody Still Needs Physical Activity: The Covid-19 global pandemic didn’t just magically wish away the need for exercise. Because staying at home doesn’t encourage physical activity, fitness becomes another cause for concern. Plus, you’ll be wasting away that beautiful deck makeover from JustPatios.com.au if you don’t go out now and then to stretch and take a breather.

Play Safe And Choose Less Risky Activities

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Therefore, given the reasons above and the circumstances we find ourselves stuck dealing with, the answer to resolve all our problems is finding middle ground through vigilant and responsible actions. And instead of doing the extremes of each activity and dwelling on the outliers we enjoy, moderation of both is key through choosing safe and less risky activities.

  • Practice Social Distancing Guidelines: The number one standard we should hold ourselves accountable for is the practice of social distancing guidelines because staying at least six feet away from other people can bump up your safety levels by a lot, especially in well-ventilated areas. Plus, if we put these safety rules into action, you’ll find plenty of activities that are considered safe such as hiking, cycling, and many more.
  • Never Forget The Mask: Last but not least, the second and equally important rule we should follow is never forgetting to wear the mask, and when we say never, that means zero exceptions, even those already vaccinated. We’re learning something new about the virus and its variants every day, and it’s always far safer to respect the safety of others and ourselves by putting on a mask whenever we go outside.

Don’t Overdo It, Find Balance Instead.

Overall, we want to emphasize that it’s all about finding balance. Much like how we all deserve our quiet days, our mental fortitude and physical well-being also demand balance in staying inside and going out. So, don’t wear yourself out by shackling your feet to the couch 24/7; stretch it out and have some fun.

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