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House Tips and Tricks in the Pandemic: Boosting Your Home’s Comfort Levels

The pandemic has brought horror stories of death and diseases. But as people get stuck indoors, they reflect on how they’re dealing with their living spaces. One thing is abundantly clear: a home must be the safest and most comfortable place to live in.

That said, a lot of home improvement projects have surged during the pandemic. The household’s goals aren’t only to improve their homes’ aesthetics and functionality. They are looking to enhance their safety and comfort levels as well.

If you’re looking to improve your home’s comfort levels, here are some house tips and tricks for you:

1. Update your heating and cooling systems

Crucial to your home’s comfort levels are your heating and cooling systems. These systems are designed to regulate the temperature at home and keep the whole family comfortable. It is good if you have a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system at home. This system needs to be inspected and maintained twice a year: one in the fall (furnace) and the other in spring (AC unit). Be sure to address minor issues and get them fixed right away. Plus, consider the systems’ energy efficiency and regulate their energy consumption to save on your monthly utility bills.

2. Have a proper house insulation

Having house insulation can make a difference in the overall household comfort. This entails using various insulating materials as barriers designed to regulate the flow of heat and drafts into your house. These insulating barriers are meant to keep your home cold during summer and warm during winter. The U.S. Department of Energy identifies different house parts that need insulation. These include the ceiling, attic, exterior siding, duct system, flooring, and even your basement and crawlspace.

3. Upgrade your doors and windows

The doors and windows play a crucial role in maintaining the comfort levels of your home. Why? They are your home’s entry points, where sunlight, heat, cold air, and other outdoor elements get in. Be sure to inspect your doors to see if they are sturdy and stable. Seal the gaps or openings through caulking or weather-stripping. On the other hand, consider installing window tinting. If not, have a window replacement by installing modern windows meant for comfort like double-glazed or triple-glazed windows.

4. Install proper lighting

Proper lighting helps in creating your home’s atmosphere and setting the household mood. There are three types of lighting you might want to consider. First, the ambient lighting is designed to provide general illumination in the main areas of your house like your living space. Also, you can incorporate task lighting for “specific tasks” such as light fixtures in your kitchen (for cooking) and your dedicated study room (for studying). Lastly, consider installing ambient lighting meant to spruce up the ambiance of your room or space.

5. Incorporate indoor planting

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Did you know that many households have resorted to indoor planting during the pandemic? This is to boost the comfort levels of their homes. Some families have set up hydroponic gardens in their basements, built porches with potted flowers and shrubs, and cultivated plants and vegetation inside their houses. Aside from boosting the home’s comfort levels, indoor planting also serves as a form of therapy, promotes healing and recovery, and enhances focus and productivity.

6. Kick off a home remodeling project

Pursuing a home remodeling project can transform your house and turn it into a comfortable place to live in. Of course, this project varies from one household to another based on their personal needs and preferences. You can have a full house renovation or a partial renovation specialized in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. The ultimate goal is to increase the comfort levels of your home.

7. Keep your house spick and span

The last on the list is to keep your house clean and tidy. If you want to be comfortable inside your home, clean it regularly and declutter once in a while. Be sure to set a daily cleaning routine for all household members to follow. But during this pandemic, it’s a good idea to have robust house cleaning. If you aren’t able to pull this off, hire a cleaning service provider instead. To have the utmost peace of mind from the threat of the novel coronavirus, ask for disinfection and sanitation services.

At this point, you now have a robust idea of how to boost your home’s comfort levels. Be sure to consider some valuable house tips and tricks recommended above. By doing so, you’ll turn your house into the most comfortable place to live in.

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