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Debunking Five Myths about Horseback Riding

Not many people already experienced riding a horse. Some are afraid they might get hurt. Others are plagued with myths that they would rather let the opportunity to ride a horse slip.

Horseback riding can help you learn many skills, develop responsibility, and even help you stay in shape. It is an entertaining activity that allows you to take better care of your psychological health. It is an even greater experience to bond with such a magnificent creature.

But more often than not, misinformation is what’s stopping people from enjoying what it has to offer. Today, we are debunking some of the myths you need to stop believing when it comes to horseback riding.

Horseback riding is only for the privileged

Horseback riding can indeed be costly. But do you know that some learned their lessons by hard work, literally? That’s right. Some had to work long hours caring for horses and prepping some for the riders just to earn horseback riding lessons. This only goes to show that even if you are not rich, you can learn how to ride a horse if you are willing to work for it.

All saddles are the same

Not all saddle pads are created the same. Remember that horses come in different sizes and shapes. Even if you buy seemingly identical horses, there is a huge chance that you will need a different saddle for both. This is why measuring your horses before buying is a must. This will help you get rid of the need to return and wait just to get the wrong-sized saddle pads replaced by the supplier.

Horseback riding is easy

horseback riding

Many horse riders would agree that it takes more than having a good balance to ride a horse the right way. This hobby requires you to use many muscles while your brain works double-time to make a decision and act quickly depending on the situation. It seems like a sedate activity. But in reality, you need to have an active mind and body to trot around the field.

Horses are low-maintenance

Sure, horses need grass and require to be groomed every once in a while. But they generally require minimal care, right?  The truth is, caring for a horse can be hard work. You can leave your horse secured in a pasture. But that does not mean you can sit back and relax, thinking that a little bit of food, water, and grooming are all they need. They require lots of care, more than what you think they need.

The best helmets are the most expensive ones

Once you decided to invest in horseback riding, it pays to invest in your safety. One good way to do this is by buying an excellent protective helmet. But the price does not necessarily define its security. Likewise, just any safety helmet won’t do.

According to studies, the leading cause of horseback riding deaths is due to head trauma. If you want to increase your chances of surviving and improve your safety while riding a horse, invest in the right helmet.

Riding a horse can be a rewarding experience not just for equestrians, but for ordinary people as well. Since horseback riding offers tons of benefits, everyone needs to try this activity at least once in a lifetime. If one only takes time to find the truth behind many horseback riding myths, then they can safely enjoy this activity.

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