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Extracurriculars: The Balancing Act Between a Social Life and Academics

University life plays an important role in shaping your character. It is an opportunity to be outside your comfort zone as you and your brain are pushed to the limit. At the same time, you will meet new people while being exposed to different cultures, experiences, and attitudes. This is going to be the pressure cooker intended to toughen you up and broaden your perspective.

That is why it is important to learn how to balance a social life with your academics. One way to do so is by taking part in extracurricular activities that complement either of them. There are usually plenty of activities to choose from. You need to figure out which one works best for you.


There are a variety of topics you can talk about if you decide to take up podcasting. You could even use it as an opportunity to recall what you studied by incorporating your subjects into the conversation. It may end up as a niche podcast, but there will definitely be listeners, especially if other people are experiencing the same thing.

They might listen to your podcast while on the go to help them recall what they studied. As long as you are aware of the nuances of podcasting and techniques for list building, this extracurricular can benefit both the academic and social aspects of your life.

Hosting your own podcast can showcase your communication skills while building a network of like-minded individuals. Furthermore, frequent thoughts or repetition is a way for you to master topics. If you settle on a podcast that focuses on topics related to your academics, it becomes a kind of virtual study group.

At first, it might be difficult to get people to listen. But with the right social campaigns, you will have a solid mailing list in no time. This will make it easier to interact with your peers who have interests similar to yours.

On the other hand, you can use podcasts to relieve stress. It can be an outlet for your frustrations or a distraction from what you are currently going through. Becoming a producer of your own podcast, if successful, can also reduce your financial burden if you can score sponsors. So long as you get listeners, whatever you talk about can become a money maker.

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Taking up internships will boost your resume while building character. You can also network with professionals, making it easier to find a career after you graduate. Most courses require co-ops, and you usually decide where to apply. If you are lucky, you might even get a paid internship. The duration of your placement will also vary, depending on your university’s agreement with the company.

Other universities allow you to apply on your own so that you will be aware of the benefits and the length of the job. Preparing your curriculum vitae (CV) and an academic resume ahead of time will help. Just make sure to customize every CV and resume for the job that you want. Otherwise, you might have a hard time landing the internship you want.

Usually, you are required to prepare a report after the co-op. The university will probably require a completion certificate and an evaluation report from the company you worked for. Any other requirements for completion will depend on your course advisor.


Sports is another way to relieve stress from academics while making new friends. You do not need to be great at it if your goal is to socialize and exercise. The important thing is that you will not be stuck in your room all day.

Getting some fresh air can help clear your mind. This means that games also provide a way for you to develop your problem-solving skills. Therefore, going out for a walk or a quick match with your friends might be the solution to a problem you are stuck on. Furthermore, it will keep you from being overwhelmed and burning out. Everyone needs to take a break now and then so that they can focus when they really need to.

If you are working toward an athletic scholarship, you have to be one of the best in the game. Scouts that are offering opportunities need to see you doing well in both sports and your academics. This is also something you can use on your CV.

Never dismiss the benefits of extracurricular activities. You may be attending university for a degree, but your experiences there and how you respond will define you as a person. Remember to always self-assess if you are doing what is best for you and your future.

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