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Having A Baby? Things That Helps Prepare Your Home

In case you just have had a baby, expect that things will never be the same again. The first few days will be awash with joy and excitement for this newcomer, but once those feelings wear off, reality rears its unpleasant head.

Now you’re looking around the house wondering if it’s really fit to raise a child in. The good news is that your house is most likely fine the way it is, but there are certain precautions you need to address once the pregnancy test shows positive.

Here are four adjustments you should do in your home.

  1. Your overall cleanliness. 

Just how clean is your house right now? Having a baby in your home means you need to be a little more conscious of your surroundings and how clean things are. Now is a good time to call a company that specializes in mold damage if you’ve got some growing in your surroundings. 

It may also be time to put new policies in place, including leaving outdoor shoes outside and increasing your mopping schedule from once a month to daily. Don’t get too caught up with housework, though. Unless it’s really a matter of life and death, most chores can wait for another day or two.

  1. House repairs that need to be done.

The good thing about expecting a baby is that it calls your attention to finish things previously left undone. Perhaps your sink has been leaking for months now, or a part of your roof is still missing some shingles. Now’s the perfect time to put the finishing touches to your home because you will need all your energy for the baby once she appears.

You also want everything to be in perfect working order because added stress from a light that won’t switch on is something that you don’t need.

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  1. Pets that need to be given the talk. 

If you are one of those households that have pets before the baby, you need to make some preparations to get them used to the idea that they are no longer the babies of the house. 

Some people suggest giving them “the talk” (you’d be surprised that they may understand) while others take the more practical route of bringing home items of the baby (once she has been delivered) for the pet to smell and get acquainted with before you bring the bundle of joy home.

  1. Check for other health hazards. 

Now is also a good time to give your home a careful do over and watch out for any potential health risks to a growing baby. This includes rough and sharp edges of tables, exposed electrical outlets, toxic household items and houseplants, anything that could topple over and fall on your baby (once she crawls), and other items that could cause danger to a baby.

Now that you’ve taken all necessary precautions, you’re ready to welcome that adorable bundle of joy home. An important tip to all expectant parents, never lose sight of your baby because no matter how much your baby-proof your home, nothing can ever beat the ever protective care of an alert guardian.

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