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Home Office Designs that Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

After spending all the days of the past year at home, we’re not ready to pounce on an opportunity to travel and explore. Heck, we even want to go back to the office to see a new environment. But lo and behold, the Delta variant caused companies to pause their back-to-work policies. Some businesses also have a mask mandate again, making it impossible for office workers to stay for eight hours inside their offices clad in face masks.

Look around you. There’s nothing wrong with your home office except that you never really owned it during the past year. In your head, there’s an office waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. Sure, things are looking up in recent months as the rate of vaccination increases. But you know there are still many challenges posed by the pandemic to traditional office work. That’s why you have to own the space you have at home.

One of the many worries people have about working at home is the sedentary lifestyle. They spend all hours sitting before their computers and typing. They hunch over their desks. At the end of the day, their backs are aching, and their fingers are sore. Many are complaining about carpal tunnel syndrome. Then, there’s the issue of never having the time to exercise. So, how can you address these issues?

A Standing Desk

First, get a standing desk. There is nothing worse than having to sit before your computer for eight or more hours a day. You will not only get a sore back but leg cramps, too. Sitting down for extended periods is never good for your body and health. You need to get the blood flowing throughout your body. So, the first order of business if you want your home office to promote a healthy lifestyle is to get a standing desk. This will give you the option to work while you stand and allow blood to flow to your legs.

Air Purifier

air purifier

Are you getting the sniffles regularly? You need an air purifier system. The device not only shows you the quality of indoor air in your home but also removes toxins, air pollutants, and other allergens from the air. Usually, a green light means the quality of indoor air is good or excellent, while the red light means there are too many pollutants in the air. Get a device that is right for the size of the room where you are in.

You might also check out other air purifiers such as essential oils diffusers, indoor plants, and ventilation. If you have been experiencing allergies lately, that’s because of the air quality inside your home. An air purifier is the answer to your problem.

Gym Equipment

You don’t need a treadmill or stationary bike (although those will help to remain fit), but you can incorporate some simple exercises while you work. For example, get an exercise ball where you can sit while you work. That will activate your core muscles because you will balance as you try to get work done. You can also get a walking pad so you can “walk” while you are working on your standing desk. Read up about chair exercises you can do in between tasks at work. Whether it’s simply stretching your arms or legs, these exercises will be great to put some movement into your sedentary lifestyle.

Foldable Table and Chair

Is space a problem in your home? Do you know that the lack of space in your home can make you feel claustrophobic? It is unhealthy for people to spend so many hours in cramped spaces. That’s why you have to be deliberate with the furniture you choose for your home. You might think it’s okay to use your dining table as your workspace but know that this has unintended consequences to your health.

Instead of constantly being reminded of work when you see your laptop on top of the dining table, why not choose a foldable table and chair that you can prop up by the window? At the end of the day, you can fold and store them somewhere. That will take your mind off work and the stress that it comes with.

Even when you are working and trying to earn from work, the focus should be on how to stay healthy. That’s the best way to protect yourself and your family from a virus that has already upended your lives. Anyone who wants to go back to their pre-pandemic lifestyles or at least have some sense of normalcy in their lives will do well to focus on remaining fit and healthy even as they work from home.

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