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Home Renovation in the Pandemic: Seven Ways to Promote Health and Wellness

The COVID-19 crisis has made abundantly clear that our homes must be the best place to stay. As most families have got stuck indoors, they have reevaluated their living spaces and sought to renovate their houses. It is, for this reason, that home improvement projects have spiked during this pandemic.

Know, however, that the focus must be on health and wellness amid the global health crisis. As much as possible, you want to ensure the well-being of the whole household. So when remodeling your house, think of how you can foster overall health and well-being.

To promote health and wellness in the comfort of your house, here are home renovation projects to pursue:

1. Set up a home gym

The lockdowns last year and restricted movements this year have compelled people to stay indoors. Individuals and families have found themselves with less physical activities. Unfortunately, some fitness centers have already reopened but with health and safety protocols in place.

For all these reasons, it’s better to set up a home gym instead. You can look for a dedicated space for a workout, invest in tools and equipment, and perform home exercises. By doing so, you and your family can stay physically fit and healthy.

2. Create a wellness kitchen

It is no secret that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It isn’t only a place for cooking and food preparation. It is also where the whole households have a hearty meal and good conversation.

That said, it’s best to carry out a kitchen remodeling project during this pandemic. Aside from promoting safety, see how you can prioritize health and wellness in your kitchen. After all, it is where healthy and nutritious meals come from.

3. Transform your bathroom into a spa room


When it comes to home renovation projects, bathroom remodeling is usually on top of the list. Why? A bathroom is often used and abused. Hence, it’s best to give it an overhaul or facelift.

That said, consider transforming your bathrooms into spa rooms. You can check plumbing fixtures and spa parts online and install them in your bathrooms. While at it, look for home decors that can take your spa rooms to the next level.

4. Turn your basement into an entertainment hub

When it comes to health and wellness, individuals and families must have some form of leisure and recreation. Despite the pandemic restrictions, find ways and means to have fun and stay happy. Doing so is essential for your mental health and overall well-being.

The first place to start is your basement. It’s a good idea to turn it into an entertainment hub. Be sure to have good use out of your basement instead of making it a storage room. You can transform it into a movie theater, mini-bar, dance/music room, or kid’s playground.

5. Incorporate natural lighting

There’s no denying how home isolation can take a toll on the family’s physical and mental health. The lack of sunlight exposure can be detrimental to the mind and body. That’s why incorporating natural lighting is imperative for your home.

As far as home renovation is concerned, consider updating your doors and windows. Remodel them in such a way that they allow the natural light into your house. Another way is to install a skylight on your residential property.

6. Have indoor planting

House plants come with a handful of benefits, from purifying the air to supplying oxygen to reducing stress. It’s good if you have a vast yard, as you can get into home gardening. But if you don’t, consider indoor planting.

When pursuing a home improvement project, consider incorporating natural plants and shrubs with blooms inside your house. You can even go as far as setting up a hydroponic system. This planting type is your best option for growing plants without the need for soil.

7. Install a hardscape structure

The last on the list is to consider constructing a hardscape structure in your residential property. This structure must get connected to your house used for outdoor relaxation. Not only will it boost your property’s curb appeal and home value, but it will also foster your physical health and mental wellness.

If you’re wondering what hardscape structures to install, here are some of these:

  • Porch
  • Deck
  • Patio
  • Pergola
  • Arbor
  • Gazebo

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the best time to pursue home renovation projects. But when doing so, focus on the health and wellness of your household. Be sure to consider some of the house remodeling ideas discussed above. Ultimately, your family’s overall health and well-being will always be your top priority.

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