How to Spend the Holidays After Losing a Loved One

Losing a loved one is inevitable, and unfortunately, it can happen during the most critical time in our lives.

Going through the loss of a special person in your life can be devastating, especially if it happens during the holidays. If you ever find yourself having to deal with losing a special person before the holidays, then make sure to follow these steps to help you cope while choosing their caskets in Salt Lake City.

It’s Okay to Feel Pain

You might be thinking that masking your feelings will make you feel better, but it’s the opposite. If you want to help yourself move on from the death of your loved one, then consider accepting the pain and know that you would have to deal with it one way or another.

Feel the pain, don’t deny it, and accept that it is a part of the process. If you need to talk to a friend or a family member, then go ahead and reach out to them and tell them what you are feeling inside. This will help you process your feelings and thoughts.

Include their Memories During the Holiday Season

Forget about pushing the thought away of commemorating your loved one during the holiday season. You should try talking about your fondest memories of them and letting everyone know about their happiest moments when they were still alive.

On the other hand, if you are not comfortable talking about it, then do not force yourself to do so. You can commemorate them in different ways that you are comfortable with, such as simply putting a photo of them by the dinner table.

Don’t Do It by Yourself

If you like to grieve alone, then that’s okay. However, you do not have to deal with everything by yourself. You should consider reaching out to the ones you love and talking to them about what you are going through.

It’s also totally fine to appear vulnerable to the people around you, even to your kids. This way, you will be able to teach them to be true to themselves and accept what they are feeling inside so that you can help them move on from this as well.

Don’t Try to Erase Them from your Memory

Holiday set up

Pushing the memories of your departed loved ones away is not healthy. This will only delay the healing process, and the denial will never get you anywhere. You should still celebrate the life that they were able to live while they were still with you.

Take all the time that you need, but make sure that you are slowly accepting what happened. You can try commemorating your loved one’s memories by donating to a cause that they used to care for when they were alive. Talk about them and let your friends and family know how much you loved them and that they were a huge part of your life.

One way to get by is to surround yourself with people who are willing to lend a hand during this critical and trying times. Try to stick together and help each other move on so that you can still enjoy the holiday season even with the baggage that you are carrying around.

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