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How to Teach Your Kids Proper Oral Hygiene Habits

Many parents find it difficult to make their kids enjoy taking care of their teeth. However, it would help if you instilled good oral hygiene habits in them as early as possible. That way, you will not have to worry about their oral hygiene routine in the future.     Here are some ways to make your kids love caring for their teeth:

Be a Good Example

Kids love to imitate their parents because they are an authority figure. If your kids notice that you brush and floss daily, they will make it a point to do it as well. You can show your kids that you take care of your teeth and enjoy doing it every day. That way, you will encourage them to want to take care of their oral hygiene.

Bond With Them

Since we recommended that your kids watch you brush your teeth, why not do it at the same time? You can make it become a bonding experience, which will make them look forward to brushing and flossing. You can set a timer for two minutes and let your kid follow your brush strokes to make sure they are reaching every part of their teeth. You can slowly let them do it by themselves so they will not expect to brush and floss with you every day.

Offer Rewards

As we all know, kids love getting rewarded for good behavior because it lets them know that they are doing the right thing. You should offer them an incentive if you want them to make it a habit of cleaning their teeth. However, you should steer away from sweets if you want them to have good teeth. You can create a chart so you can put a star for each day they brushed their teeth three times a day. Once they finish one week, you could give them an award like a trip to the zoo or their favorite snack.

Get Stuff for Kids

You cannot blame kids if they think oral hygiene is tedious, especially if their toothpaste and toothbrush look boring. A great way to encourage your kids to take care of their oral health is by getting dental products made for kids. For instance, you can find toothbrushes that have their favorite characters on them. You could also get fun toothpaste with great flavors such as strawberry or bubblegum since most kids do not like the regular minty flavor. You should also make sure that the toothpaste has fluoride to prevent cavities.

Make Check-Ups Fun

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Many kids are scared of the dentist because they think he or she is intimidating. Therefore, you should find a great dentist who can teach your kids about proper oral hygiene. A kind pediatric dentist will help make your kid feel comfortable and safe. They will often make a check-up a fun experience for your kids. You can find a reputable pediatric orthodontist in Oviedo, Florida, and other locations to help your child get a check-up and learn more about dental health.

It would be best if you start teaching your kids about dental health as early as possible. Follow the tips above to help them develop good oral hygiene habits that they can still use in their adult lives.

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