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Moving It: Different Ideas to Get You Moving this Pandemic

Exercise is an important activity of human life. It is essential for countries like the US because of its ever-increasing obesity rate. However, despite being crucial to a healthy life, many people aren’t motivated to exercise during this pandemic. This article will help you get into exercising by training both your mind and body.

Many Americans have gained some weight during the pandemic. This is particularly alarming because obesity rates in the US are increasing every year. The CDC believes that daily exercise can solve the problem, but many Americans are demotivated nowadays. If you’re not motivated enough to exercise, then it’s time to take a holistic approach to this common problem.

Many trainers believe that exercise can only be good if motivated enough to do it daily and consistently. However, there is a huge challenge in that. So let’s get started by getting you motivated to move every day.

Develop a Motivated Mind

A motivated mind is filled with positive thoughts of both the present and the future. It is a goal-oriented mind and one that doesn’t get pushed down easily. But reaching such a point is quite challenging in itself. So the first thing you should do is list down expectations.

Set Expectations


Setting expectations is one way to prepare your mind for the grueling task ahead. It’s not easy to exercise during the pandemic, especially when you have work to do, but you can make minor adjustments in your life by having realistic expectations.

Start writing down things you know about yourself, then write down things you expect from yourself. Once you get these things written down, start finding activities to put your expectations and authentic self together. Maybe start compromising and meet in the middle. You never know. You might find that you can do more than you expect.

Do Self-awareness Exercises

The first exercise you should do is in mind. Self-awareness exercises such as meditation and journaling will come a long way in motivating you to exercise. Both have been known to encourage the senses and free the mind from negative thoughts. It will also help you align your real self and expectations much faster.

Do these things weeks before you plan to exercise so that you can prepare your mind for the routine ahead. The next thing you should do is prepare the necessary equipment for your workouts.

Have the Right Equipment and Location

Many Americans tend to put off exercise because they don’t have the necessary equipment and location to do it in their homes. If you want to get this excuse out of your mind, then it’s time to invest.

Your backyard is an ideal location for exercise. It can also be a place of social gathering. Who said that you have to do exercises alone? If you invest in building a backyard sports court, you can get others to exercise with you as well. This can become a fun activity to do, and having fun is an excellent motivation to exercise. It is also a cheap investment, considering that you can have it for many years to come.

You can also convert your garage into a mini-gym by purchasing some mats and secondhand gym equipment. Install some gym mats down, place your pieces of equipment inside, and you have your gym.

Remember that there are many creative ways you can secure the necessary equipment and location for a good workout. So stop making that excuse and get on it.

Develop a Routine and Stick to it

Next and last on the list is to develop a routine and sticking to it. Make a feasible routine that you can do regardless of the day and time or how busy you are. Know that ten minutes of exercise is good enough for starters, and it’s much better than doing no exercise at all. If you think that’s all you can do every day, then do it. But remember always to do it every day.

Eventually, once your body has adapted, it will want more. Exercise can become a biological need for those that have cultivated its positive results. On days you don’t exercise, your muscles will start to hurt. Once you start exercising, your mind will enter euphoria, becoming a rewarding experience for you. This is because exercise releases serotonin and endorphins. Both are known to make us happy. This reward can be an excellent reinforcement for you and truly motivated you to exercise during the pandemic.

Remember to start slow and steady. If you can only spare ten minutes every day, that’s okay. Stick by that plan and go with it. Beginning a workout routine is better than having no exercise at all. It will start to feel good in the long run, and before you know it, you’re motivated to stay active every day.

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