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Looking Good While Attending Virtual Meetings

Work-from-home arrangements became the norm to reduce movement after the pandemic started. Some employees found it challenging to adjust to the situation. But they eventually adjusted to it and are now comfortable with the arrangements.

Some are even asking their employers to allow them to continue working remotely even after the health situation has improved. Even though they have gotten used to the situation, many people are still trying to find a way for them to look good while attending virtual meetings.

They are not aiming to look fabulous while attending these online meet-ups. But people want to look decent as they discuss issues associated with their tasks. Here are some things that people can do to make themselves look presentable while attending virtual meetings.

Check the Background

The first thing that they should do is to check the background. Some videoconferencing software supports the creation of virtual backgrounds while attending these meetings. But they have minimum system requirements when it comes to the specifications of the equipment.

If the computer or laptop does not meet these requirements, they cannot use the virtual background feature of the software. With this, people have to change the background or lighting of the room where they attend these meetings. They can remove any unnecessary items behind them or make sure they have a blank wall behind them before they attend the meeting.

In some instances, the sensors of the camera they use can pick up shadows formed by artificial light in the room. To deal with these shadows, they can turn off any extra lights that they do not need while in the meeting.

Maintain Composure

Virtual meetings put more pressure on people who feel anxious when they feel they are at the center of everyone’s attention. This is particularly true whenever they speak since video conferencing software puts the person in the center of the screen while he is speaking.

To reduce the anxiety in these situations, people can prepare for their working day as if they will work onsite. They should get up early, take a shower, and get dressed. Doing this allows them to maintain the same composure that they had when they used to work at the office before the pandemic.

When they look good, they feel confident about themselves and allow them to maintain their composure while attending a virtual meeting. And with many restrictions lifted across the country, they can go out and get a haircut. They can even visit a dermatologist to help them with any skin issues that they have.

Getting porcelain veneers is a good idea for people who are conscious of their appearance when they speak during a meeting. This is particularly true if they are not used to being in the center of attention during a discussion. So, aside from putting on decent clothing, they can also set an appointment with their dentist to give them the smile they want to show when they attend a virtual meeting.

Use Natural Lighting Whenever Possible

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Attending virtual meetings requires a good light source in front of the person. They should avoid putting the light source behind them since they will appear as a silhouette on the camera. Lighting on the side can produce glares and shadows.

The best way for people to look good when attending a virtual meeting is to use natural lighting. This means they should set up the computer or laptop in front of a window. Natural light spreads evenly on the face and reduces glares. It also brightens up a shadow.

But if they have no access to natural light, they can set up a light source on top of the computer or laptop. A clip-on light is also useful since they can clip it on top of the screen. But they should avoid putting it too close to the camera since it will create a glare when the light shines on it.

Take Advantage of the Settings on the Software

If people are not satisfied with the way they look at the camera of their computer, they can check the settings of the video conferencing software. They have a feature that allows them to touch up their appearance to make them look better.

This feature can digitally remove any blemishes that they have on their faces. It can also brighten up their features. The software allows users to adjust how much they want to enhance their appearance while attending the virtual meeting. But they should not overdo it since they can end up attracting the attention of their colleagues instead.

Attending online meetings can be nerve-wracking for some people. But they can reduce their anxiety by making themselves look good and preparing their workspace before the meeting starts.

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