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Low-Cost But Epic Party Ideas For Small Companies

Throwing a party may be the last thing in our minds right now, given that it may take a while before people are allowed to have parties again, but it helps to have a positive outlook in these trying times. Since the latest health crisis began, we always see news articles and blogs here and there telling us what to do during self-isolation, but barely anything about what we can do when the pandemic is finally over.

Let’s be optimistic that the world shall overcome this ordeal one day, and our economy will bounce back, giving our small businesses momentum to start over again.

By that time, we’ll gradually be allowed to resume to our normal ways again, so it won’t hurt to plan your next company party as early as now. Here are some money-saving tips and awesome party ideas to consider as you work on it:

Managing the Party Budget

An epic party doesn’t have to cost your company an arm and a leg. Small companies are actually at an advantage during peak party seasons, because a smaller headcount immediately allows you to save costs on food, among other party needs. With an affordable menu, the rest of your budget can be dedicated to quality entertainment.

Company holiday parties need a balance between fun and content, according to Greg Jenkins of Bravo Productions, a full-service event planning firm based in Long Beach, CA. Parties need to be focused more on business rather than frivolity to keep costs manageable.

Start by planning your party’s date, venue, theme, number of guests, and menu. A party during the off-season is a good trick to spend less. For the venue, you can just opt for your office, but wouldn’t your employees appreciate different scenery? Consider a fun lunch place in Salt Lake City or in any nearby area instead. That’s right; hold your party in the daytime to avoid or at least limit the need for alcoholic drinks.

Extending the guest list is usually a great idea for a small company party, but that depends on your budget and your team’s preference. But as long as you won’t overspend, the idea is worth considering!

Now, let’s go over some awesome party ideas that’ll make your event fun from start to finish.

1. Ice-breakers

Even though a small team isn’t likely to need an ice-breaker to be in the mood, it’s still fun, nonetheless, and it will spark high spirits from the get-go. Try a game of themed charades, scavenger hunt, trivia contests, or holiday decorating contests.

2. Team Sports

After enjoying a feast, take your team to a sports venue, like a bowling alley, table tennis court, etc. Engaging your team in sports is a great way to ignite their competitiveness while having fun, and it will be a time they’ll certainly never forget.

3. Invite an Entertainer

Having a live band, magician, face-painter, or a stand-up comedian in your party can make a huge difference. Be sure to book your entertainer of choice ahead of time, as it will be hard to contact them or their handlers on the last minute.

4. Invite Your Families

If the majority of your team members are parents to young kids, allow them to bring their families over to your party, so they won’t have to worry about their kids being by themselves at home. Another perk of having their families around is that heavy alcohol consumption is less likely to occur.

5. Go Out of Town

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If your budget would allow it, why not spend a vacation at an awesome resort? You can enjoy popular winter activities like ice-skating, skiing, or dipping in a hot spring. That’s definitely a party they’ll never get over with.

Company parties are essential for fostering and strengthening camaraderie, so they’re absolutely worth every dollar you’ll spend. They’re also something your team will always look forward to, giving them reasons to stay motivated and enthusiastic.

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