No Shut Eye: 3 Things That Surprisingly Affect Your Sleep

Everyone knows that the light left turned on in the hallway or the creaking noises at the stairs can affect sleep, rousing you up in the middle of the night and sometimes, making it hard for you to go back to dreamland. There are so many other things that can impact sleep quality. Some of which you won’t expect. A lot of which seem not to have any connection to dozing off. But these things below can make it hard for you to get a decent shut-eye, so watch out for them:

Your blanket or the mattress

According to scientists, your body needs to lose 2 degrees of heat so you can reach the restorative sleep stage. That’s the phase wherein your brain is active in collecting and sorting out memories, enhancing learning, and improving moods. The thing is, when your body gives off that heat, the moisture vapor gets trapped in your sheets, which then builds up and increases your body temperature. As a result, you get uncomfortable, kick off the blanket, and ultimately, wake up. In the morning, you might find yourself cranky and groggy, precisely because sleep got interrupted. This is why it’s essential to pay attention to your sheets. Better to get those sheer sheets that have cooling properties. This applies to your mattress, too, mind you. Find one that doesn’t trap heat. And while you’re at it, set the right temperature at your HVAC. Utah-based experts recommend keeping it at 60 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit.


Your smartphone

Scrolling through your social media timeline before hitting the sack isn’t a good idea. One, you could run into a picture of your ex’s new girl. So it’s either your mind wanders non-stop about what-ifs and what-could-have-beens or get nightmares for it. Either way, your sleep is messed up. And two, the more scientific reason is that the blue light emitting from your gadget suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles.

Furthermore, it keeps body temperature elevated. And as mentioned earlier, that doesn’t help at all in creating a restful, peaceful sleep. So instead of tinkering around your smartphone before hitting the bed, put the device down on your side table, perhaps keep it in a drawer and don’t touch it until the next day. Better yet, create a bedtime ritual that would keep you distracted from your phone and condition your body to rest.

Your time indoors

What’s the connection between your being a homebody to sleep? Well, lack of exposure to natural light can interfere with your body clock. You might find yourself tossing and turning in bed at night time and then going zombie mode during day time. If you want to reset that body clock and fall and stay asleep easily, make it a habit to soak up the sun outdoors. Do this very early in the morning when the heat and radiation aren’t too intense yet. Walk your dog or jog around the village (exercise can help fix up body clock, too). Just make sure to slather some sunscreen before heading out. Re-apply such every three hours to stay covered.

Better Sleep

Have you been struggling to get a decent, nice rest lately? Maybe it’s not the light or sound distractions. The culprits may be these things mentioned. Get back that restful sleep by managing these factors.


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