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Non-Invasive Procedures to Get That Ideal Body/

Everybody has an ideal body in mind. Whether that’s to have a tighter tummy or more defined arms, everyone has a fitspiration. While regular exercise is still a tried and tested method to get fit, there are newer cosmetic methods available on the market.

Cosmetic procedures of today are no longer exclusively for the wealthy, and neither are cosmetic procedures all invasive anymore. Body sculpting procedures are becoming a more accepted way to get the body you’ve always desired.

The FDA approves non-invasive cosmetic sculpting procedures for reducing stubborn fat pockets. These procedures don’t need any general anesthesia and have minimal downtime. Of course, it’s best to ask a doctor to find the perfect method for you.


Also called Cryolipolysis, this treatment is using low temperatures transmitted through a device. Using extreme cold, the body’s fat cells are broken down. Skin, tissue, nerves and muscles are unharmed because they require a lower temperature than fat does.

It is more commonly known as Coolsculpting in places like Utah. Each treatment lasts up to an hour, and most patients see a difference in as few as two sessions. Coolsculpting is best for reshaping bodies that are not far off from their ideal weight.


This is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that can reduce the size of a double chin. This is preferable for those who also suffer from a weak chin. Kybella is composed of deoxycholic acid, which is a substance that the body naturally creates to break down fat.

In a more concentrated dose, it helps break fat pockets. Injections take several minutes to perform using a small needle. This can cause some discomfort; hence doctors do offer local anesthesia to numb the area. Multiple injections might also be necessary, depending on the case.

Two to four treatments are needed and must be spaced about a month apart.


This treatment is one of the newest procedures becoming increasingly popular. UltraSlim uses red light therapy to lower the masses of fat cells.

Unlike other non-invasive procedures, though, UltraSlim does not destroy subcutaneous fat cells. Instead, using specific wavelengths delivered into the skin through a lamp, this treatment shrinks the fat cells.

Each treatment is only about half an hour, with hardly any downtime. Results also begin to show almost immediately and will continue to progress as the body metabolizes.

The fat in this treatment is passed as part of the body’s waste. So long as the patient retains a healthy lifestyle, the expelled fat can be kept off. For best results, three or more treatments are preferable.

Body contouring treatment


An FDA-cleared procedure that tightens and contours the skin, Ultherapy is best for the face, neck, and chest.

Even fine lines in the décolletage can be treated with Ultherapy. This procedure uses ultrasound therapy to encourage collagen production. The technology bypasses the topical layer of skin. Instead, it targets the deeper layers of skin using a calibrated temperature.

Results can be expected after two to three months of treatment. Your doctor will determine how many sessions are necessary. But in general, you can expect natural collagen and elastin production to begin quickly after the first session.

Ultherapy mimics the lifting effect of a facelift but leaves a more natural finish. This makes it a great way to compliment any previously undertaken procedures.

When thinking about having any non-invasive procedures, it’s best to discuss it with your doctor at length. This will ensure that you get the correct treatments.

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