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Here Are Organizing Mistakes That Cause More Mess in the House

A well-organized home is a dream for every neat freak homeowner. They will do what it takes to get a peaceful, functional, and attractive living space. They fixate so much on organization tricks on the internet and invest in smart storage solutions. Those who have many old items at home build custom storage sheds for different storage uses.

But no matter how much we keep everything tidy at home, there will be some areas that always get messy once you turn your back to it. Although there’s no such thing as a perfectly organized home, most of us unconsciously make some organizing mistakes that lead to more mess, such as never returning items where they belong and stacking clothes the wrong way.

In this article, we will look at some organizing mistakes that have been proven pointless and lead to more mess. Find out if you’re making these mistakes and learn how to rearrange your organizing strategies the right way.

Shopping for organizers without a plan

When buying organizers, remember these three things: sort, purge, and assign containers for the items. To find the best organizing system, you need to evaluate first the type of organizer that suits the shape, size, and weight of the items you plan to store. The same goes for the area you plan to place the organizer. Take note of the exact measurement of the area to place the container while leaving an extra wiggle room for ease of access.

A common misconception when it comes to organizing is that containers help you stay organized. The truth is, stocking up on containers is just a quick shortcut to make your space look organized, but it actually isn’t. Most people buy organizers just to keep the clutter out of their sight, but they aren’t doing something to get rid of the clutter.

Storing all the clutter inside the organizer is just a contained clutter. The proper organization system should be lost-lasting and include repeatable, streamlined steps that lead to a more planned response. So before you go shopping for containers, ask yourself how you will use them and if they will only add up as clutter or an actual solution to your house mess.

Another common organizing mistake is buying containers before decluttering. Putting this as your first step will only cost time, money, and most of all, more clutter. Prioritize the items you need to get rid of. We’re referring to those items you no longer use, want, or love. Having fewer items to store means having lesser containers to buy.

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Storing items in any available space

If there’s one thing every person has in common, it would be leaving clutter on horizontal, open spaces. One way to avoid this is to place centerpieces in empty spaces. This technique allows you to break the surface, preventing you from putting fewer items on top of it. This is a basic organization system to trick your mind into maintaining a clear, clean, and clutter-free space.

Another effective organizational technique is to assign zones around the house. This means every item should have its own designated space—for example, group items under the same category. If you have multiple electronic devices at home, assign an area where the family will leave their phones, charger, or consoles when not in use. This makes it easier to find them and store them away once finished.

Assigning storage spaces also serves as a mini inventory. Seeing all similar items together will let you know what you need to keep and let go of. For everyday needs, put them together in an accessible area. Otherwise, relocate items you rarely use in less valuable places.

Choosing style over essence

One of the most popular mistakes in home organization is buying containers because they look “cute” without thinking about their actual purpose. When buying a container, ask yourself these things: Where and how will I use it? Who needs it? When will I use it? Why will I buy it?

Your answer to these questions will provide you a better judgment whenever you feel torn about whether to buy a set of containers. Remember that your organization system shouldn’t only make your home look nice but also accommodate your storage needs effectively.

Making efforts to keep a clean and organized home can make a huge difference in productivity and the family’s wellness. After all, it’s easy to relax in a home where everything is accessible and is in the right order. Take note of the mistakes above and follow our suggestions for a truly clutter-free home.

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