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How to Polish Your Home to Perfection

Homeowners know that a house needs to be adjusted both inside and out according to the weather. The curtains that were delightful for summer and let in the breeze will no longer be as celebrated in the cooling weather. Attractive window shades are a must, but they have to be effective at keeping the warm in and the cold out.

There are many ways in which you can make your home comfortable and have it looking its best self. Sometimes, these won’t be the same activities as what makes a home more geared towards comfort is not always an aesthetic choice. Home backup generators do not serve an aesthetic role, but they will keep you warm and well-lit in the event of a power outage. Solar panels on the roof may break up the look of your pretty tile roof, but they can generate hot water at any time of day without adding to the power bill.

At the end of the day, your house will feel like the perfect place to relax and recover because you upgraded your home with comfort in mind at all times. This is not to say that aesthetic choices cannot be practical ones as well. You simply have to take the time to research and find out how to combine practicality with beauty.

Add Awnings

An awning may not immediately sound like a practical addition to your home. But, a retractable awning can be a great help in all weathers. The awning can help to reduce the amount of heat from the sun beating down on your windows in summer. This allows your windows to keep cool and avoid heating up. A heated-up window will push the hot air into your home and reduce the cooling factor.

In winter, the awning can help to reduce the amount of snow and ice that will build up along your windows. It also keeps the rain away from the windows so you can enjoy a cooling fresh breeze without worrying about the carpets and furniture getting soaked.

An awning over the porch or deck can protect your patio furniture from sun damage, rain damage, and increases its longevity. It means you can put comfort above practicality when buying patio furniture allowing you a truly comfortable experience when spending time outside. Because they are retractable, you can pull them in during storms and not have to worry about damage.

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Chalkboard Paint

Choose one wall of the house in a well-lit area that is easy for you to supervise and paint it with chalkboard paint. This will be a huge help for you during the cooler months when your children cannot go out to play. It may be a very different look from the rest of your paint or decorations but it will be a very visual reminder to your children that this is their home. In addition, when your kids are done drawing, it will be an attractive talking point and a delightful way to view life through their eyes.

You can even use the upper part of the wall that your kids cannot reach for more practical purposes. Write down reminders to your spouse and kids about chores, keep a running grocery and snack list, take note of fun activities the family can do on weekends, and keep track of the kids’ extra-curricular activities. Having a big chalk reminder will definitely be hard to miss.

Paint Strategically

Paint can make a home feel fresh and attractive. But painting a whole house can be expensive and disruptive to everyone’s week. This means that you need to approach things more strategically.

Your biggest expenditure of time and money can be on painting the exterior of the house. Hire a professional and get them to give the house a thorough coverage of weather-resistant paint that improves the house’s curb appeal while improving the energy efficiency of your home.

After that, you can paint the inside yourself in a highly specific manner. Paint the backsplash of the kitchen to make it feel lighter and more open. Paint the cabinets a matching color to make them feel attractive and fresher. People underestimate what a difference painting the trim can make. A fresh coat of paint on the trim, in the same color throughout the house will give that same impression as a fresh coat of paint on the walls, but with much less hassle, smell, and disruption.

One great way to reduce clutter and make your home feel more organized and spacious is to create storage spaces. Any unused space can double as storage space is cleaned out and repurposed with storage in mind. Clear out and paint the areas under the stairs to serve as storage spaces. These are highly accessible and can be very useful to keep items you need regularly but not on a daily basis.

Sports equipment, winter boots, tools, and extra blankets are all great items to store in these spaces. Take a look online at the way people have repurposed their under stairs storage areas to get some ideas. If you can swing a hammer, you could even adapt the space for storage by yourself. It would be a fun project to focus on with your kids at the weekend.

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