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Pixelated: How to Protect Your Privacy in the Modern Age

Having a tint on some part of your car’s windshield gives you additional protection from the sun. This is important as you need to keep your eyes on the road, and a slight glint of sunshine can obstruct your view. Tinted glass reduces the glare and lets you look straight ahead without worries. You can have it on your house windows, too. There are companies that offer residential window tinting in Arizona. The state is well known for its hot climate, so it’s good that you can have this done.

Tints are also good for privacy. If you are not comfortable driving around or being a passenger because you think that you might get looks, this will give you peace of mind. But as time goes on, so do our habits. With the advent of portable smart devices, such as cellular phones, tablets, and laptops, come new ways others can snoop in on you. But do not worry; there’s something you can do. Here are practical ways you can prevent other people from invading your privacy.

Prying Eyes

When you are outside, you are subject to the observation of other people. You will notice them looking at you, whether it is intentional or not. Even you have instances of accidentally seeing something you are not supposed to. In this day and age of modern devices, small screens in the palms of people’s hands are a ubiquitous sight. Short of covering your gadget’s screen with your hands, there are ways you can avoid showing its contents.

There are screen protectors that you can stick on the screen where it will not be visible even in close distances and only you, the user, can see it. But this is an almost permanent solution. If you decide to remove it later, it will take some effort to do so. For removable solutions, there are phone cases that provide the same function. They may put on the extra thickness on the device, but they should keep others from spying or peeping on your messages.

There are also ATMs that have screens with an anti-spying layer on top. You know that there is always that chance people will start to queue behind you, and there are those who stand too close for comfort. These screens will only be visible once you are very close to them. This way, you can rest easy knowing that no one will see any information about your account.


woman using her phone and laptop

Moving now from the physical to cyberspace… Every time you go to the Internet, you share a few pieces of your information. Browsers, in their efforts to streamline your experience, also offer to save your passwords, names, and other sensitive data. It is up to you if you want to comply with this. If you are worried about this, modern browsers have a private browsing feature. In this mode, you will not be asked for information, and website data such as cookies will not be stored on your computer.

Privacy is a concern that will also evolve with time. To fight against those with malicious intentions, you have to keep up. But never fear; there are ways to beat them.

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