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Is It Dangerous to Place Houseplants Near the Fireplace?

There is nothing wrong with wanting more to decorate your living room and fireplace with houseplants. However, it takes more attention and care since houseplants near the fire can lead to accidents or emergencies. In some instances, though, it is safe for houseplants to remain by the fireplace. These plants can endure the degree of heat and light when the fireplace is being used.

When is it safe to place houseplants next to the fireplace?

First, you should not place houseplants next to or too close to the fireplace that involves fire lit up. Sparks of fire can jump onto plants, set them on fire, and lead to big fire accidents. Too much heat from the fire can be too hot for certain plants to handle, and they could struggle to survive from too much heat and fire exposure.

If you have used the fireplace in the past three days, and the fire is now extinguished, keep the houseplants away from it. Leftover coals and embers from the fire can burn slowly and still exist days after you put out the fire. These embers contain chemicals that can harm and poison plants.

There’s a trend that wood or fireplace ashes can be suitable for plants, but be careful. Ashes from pressured-treated wood, painted wood, and painted cardboard can carry toxic chemicals that can undermine your houseplants.

It’s only harmless to set your houseplants next to the furnace if it’s been a while since it’s been lit and it doesn’t contain fresh embers or ashes anymore. For instance, when you’re not using your fireplace during the summer, it can be an excellent time to decorate it with houseplants with no problems. Even when using it, you can put a shelf high enough that it isn’t too hot for plants to stay on and stay alive.

Gas or modern fireplaces can be safer than traditional ones. If you upgrade to a modern fireplace, it can be safe to place houseplants near it, just not too close.

1. Consider the size before decorating

How big the area of your fireplace should be a factor in how you can decorate. You should also notice the available spaces to accommodate houseplants, like your mantel or wall shelves near or above the fireplace. Determine how many containers of plants you can fit onto your mantel without it seeming too much or too crowded. You can arrange them by groups of odd numbers, depending on how large your area is.

However, don’t be displeased if your mantel is not spacious because there’s always a way if you really want to. You can place pots of houseplants on either side to create balance and symmetry.

2. Pay attention to the light source

If your fireplace mantel is further into the room and receiving very little light, you can either consider getting the types of plants that can tolerate lower light conditions or upgrade your light fixtures. If you do not use your fireplace, less light can take away attention from them, so decorating will be pointless.

If your fireplace receives bright light or is near a window where natural light shines through, then you can get a collection of plants that love the sunlight. Again, you have to be mindful of choosing plants near the furnace since there are types that wilt easily around too much exposure to fire.

3. Mix it up

The first step to decorating your mantel is figuring out the kinds of plants you want to put up, which will fit and grow. The next thing you can do is narrow them down. Pick the ones that can go together because you don’t want to put the same ones in one place. You might want to establish a little plant diversity in the room the feature different heights, shapes, and sizes to make it look stylish and welcoming.

4. Put other things in between

Once your pretty miniature houseplants are sitting beautifully, you might want to add more items to display, such as decorative accents that can work simultaneously and create character and personalization. You can put up picture frames or other decorative containers or souvenirs to turn down too much greenery going on. Perhaps a mirror, candle holders, or artwork with colors that contrast the greens can make it look prettier.

Houseplants and fireplaces are quite a formidable pair, but you can make it your favorite place to be in by making the right amount of effort and unleashing your creativity. This is especially perfect for those who don’t have a garden space. Indoor and container plants can be just as fulfilling as having a proper outdoor garden.

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